Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leadbolt Ads - 3 steps to making the most of it!

Ad Options

There are many money making with advertising options available for android developers. There is the in-app model, such as Admob or Mobfox. Then there are the app wall options like those provided by AppBrain.

My favourite ad provider, Leadbolt has the most types of ad formats available. It is also the option for generating the most revenue! You should register now and start using Leadbolt in your apps!

This post shows how you can best optimise your Leadbolt notification ads and how to maximise your revenue and eCPM.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Of Christmas, New Year and the Toolbox!

Start the groove!

First off, A very Merry Christmas and an even greater year ahead to you and your family!

I wish you much success in making money with android in the coming year! Stick around this blog and I'll share my favourite money making tips for android, and also how to market your apps!

The closing - it really is the start of this blog post!

December had been an awesome month for ad revenue. Guess Santa Clause did indeed come to town! Advertisers usually run fresh new campaigns during the holiday seasons, so it really is good to get your apps out during this time. Plus Airpush is giving out 25% extra bonus for December revenue!

What are you waiting for then? Go on! Add some adverts in your apps and games and lets make some money!

And if you're just starting off, and are interested in making money with your wonderful android device, then hang in there!

Onwards to the next in my series of blog entries...

The THING! - not the creature thingy!

Every carpenter has his or her own toolbox. The same goes for a developer. You need to have the tools that you're most comfortable with. For Android, you have many options (thanks for the Open-ness of the system Google!).

For the most common and famous tool, you can use Eclipse. Eclipse uses Java as the development language, and all the SDK providers will have a library that you can plug into your app via Eclipse (if your provider does not have this, seriously... look elsewhere!).

Then there are the other options that use HTML for development. You can try Appcelerator or PhoneGap for this. This tools also allow you to develop once and deploy across many platforms.

There is also the Flash approach, which I have not tried at all. Give it a google search of you need to.

Finally, there is the BEST solution. Well, best for me at least. Code in the Basic language. This is the best option if you are a .Net or VB developer. It is also quite an easy AND powerful solution. More on this below..

The Fruitcake - or the problems.. why do people hate fruitcakes anyway?

All the above have their pros and cons. I am not down playing any of the tools. They are really awesome tools, and many developers have had great apps and success with each of the tools. But this is just my opinion.

Eclipse is very powerful. You can develop android apps and also many other apps with it. The problem really is that the Java language and the environment is just not easy to get into. Been a developer for over 10 years, and I still struggled to get Hello World out with Eclipse. (yes yes, maybe i suck!). Plus, the hell with XML based UI editing!

The HTML solutions too are not easy to set up. Plus it has a lot of limitations (I've read that the limitations are improving over time). HTML is easy to learn, but the IDE again is no fun to use.

The Cheesecake - or the better cake! Cheesecakes are yummy!

Check out Basic4Android  (Note, if you decide to purchase, please use the link's I've provided on the right. It will give me some referal bonus! Thank you!).

This is the tool that I use. I can get helloworld up and running in a couple of minutes with this IDE. All my apps and games in the android market are created with this tool. It is so easy that when I start a new app or game, the core mechanics take a very little time to get up and right.

It is easy to learn the Basic language. The GUI designer is the best there is (no XML editing required at all... everything is drag and drop). And the community kicks some human anatomy!

To use external libraries with B4A, one needs a wrapper libraries created. This can be done by yourself if the wrapper is not available. I have released a few wrapper libraries (all of them for monetisation) on the forums. Look for user SSG! The forum is filled with 2759 libraries and growing (ok ok, that's a lie, but the number is huge indeed!), so that takes care of most of your needs!

Check out the features of Basic4Android to know a whole lot more!

The price of B4A is pretty cheap (remember, if you decide to buy, use my links on the top right of this blog! thank you thank you!!).

If you compare to other IDE (not Eclipse of course, that bugger is free), B4A is dirt cheap (please don't tell Erel [the big guy of B4A] about it though, he might raise the price! ) .

I'd suggest you get the Enterprise edition. It is a two years license with updates (the app is yours after the 2 years anyway). I made money with ads and recovered my expenses for both an Android market account and the IDE in slightly over a month. I make a few thousand from free apps monthly now, and it feels good. I will surely be renewing my license once my second year ends!

Give the trial a go. It is pretty limited, but you get an idea and feel of the IDE.

The Real End - only of this post! I'll be back...

Do leave some comments and opinions on B4A here (of in their forums). Look me up there (user name SSG). Give the IDE a try and ask me any specifics if you have (here or in the forum).

PS - Remember, if you are purchasing, do support me and purchase via the links on the top right of this blog! Mucho appreciato!

PPS - Check out TechnoTalkative if you decide to use the Eclipse approach, he has a billion tutorials.. hehe... that's a twitter joke.

PPPS - Add me on twitter: AndroidMES

Till the next post.... Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

6 Months to over $2000 from ads... my story!

A read up... 

While I prepare my next blog entries, why don't you enjoy a read on my journey and quite a bit of tips here:

My Adventure So Far .. Money Making and Tips!

Do leave some feedback if you find it useful!

The ad agencies that I use are available at the top right of this blog.

Also add me on twitter : AndroidMES


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can you make money from Android?

The stories..

You might have come across stories of android developers making a living (or a killing?) from android apps.

I am from one of the unfortunate countries that cannot sell android apps. My option? Release the games and apps for free.

Now I started this off as a hobby, just thought I'd make some extra cash month to month and see how far it goes.

The luck factor 

I guess I got lucky from the start (hey, I'm being honest here!) and I picked a niche that was good enough to get me off to a good start.

My rise wasn't phenomenal. I've seen apps hit the 10k - 50k download range on launch day. I wished that I had a similar success.

The growth of my apps (games mainly) have been slow and steady.. but they were steady. And somehow, over time, different apps have had different growth.

The revenue

In my first month, I hit $49 from admob. That was great, I had covered the $25 that I spent for the market registration. In the next couple of weeks, I recovered the money I spent for the great IDE that I have been using.

After that, it was just profit. I had been ranging between $300 to $500 for the next few months.

I then worked on using other monetization options, and true enough, my revenue grew a whole lot more. It started hitting the $2k range!

Getting more from the same

I then started looking at ways to promote my apps more, so that more people will download them. Over time, my experiments worked out and the downloads have grown even more. This of course in turn generates more revenue.

All the strategy for promotion, revenue generation and such will be provided in the coming posts, and the next post I will be posting on the tools I use for development, and the ad agencies I've implemented.

Stay tuned!