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6 Months to over $2000 from ads... my story!

A read up... 

While I prepare my next blog entries, why don't you enjoy a read on my journey and quite a bit of tips here:

My Adventure So Far .. Money Making and Tips!

Do leave some feedback if you find it useful!

The ad agencies that I use are available at the top right of this blog.

Also add me on twitter : AndroidMES



  1. Great tips, specially thanks for telling us about the other ad networks the only other one (other than AdMob) I knew was InMobi.

  2. Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for dropping by and glad you found the tips useful.

    There are a lot more ad agencies out there. Give them a search, for example smaato, greystripe and a few others.

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for sharing money making tips. I just read your post and found it very very useful for me. Thanks guy :)

  4. Thank you for dropping by... :D

    Wish you much success in your journey!


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