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2012 and a new direction!

Mad Elephant Studios is taking a new turn this year. We are going to go more main-stream. Focus will be to more useful apps and utilities. With this, the revenue from our Android Apps would hopefully be given much needed boost.

This shift will bring Mad Elephant Studios to a whole new level.

Whats in store?

First, the past.

In 2011, Mad Elephant Studios started as a hobby project. Over time, it developed into something more serious in terms of money making. We developed a few games and some apps, released them on the market, optimised as much as we could on the market searchability, and added many ad-based monetisation options.

The result has been splendid I'd say. December revenue outshone my day-job salary. I'm really considering if I should give up my day job. (Warning though, December has ridiculous revenue because of Santa's visit, have to see what the following months produce).

2012 will let me know if I should give up the day job!

Now, the 2012.

In 2012, Mad Elephant Studios will be releasing a few handy apps. These apps are, hopefully, not something that a user will be using once and then forgetting about.

We are starting off with a handy camera app. Photo Story - Camera FX will be a fun little camera application that will make picture taking and uploading to your favourite social sites fun!

It will be very useful when used with the Facebook's timeline for example, as the caption is already on the picture itself! Plus the frame's and FX will make better looking pictures.

Check the link, we will be giving the progress as we go.

What are your plans for 2012?

Cheers and Say Cheese!



  1. January is not starting very good to tell you the truth. I have had my app downloads by a 40%. Also the eCPM seems is not so good as in christmas ofc. I have read somewhere that advertisers pay a lot for the christmas period and after that things go a little down.
    Lets see how the month continues.

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by...

    I dont know what your background is, but similar thoughts have gone through my mind. I guess coming from a fixed monthly income background, we expect to at least make the same amount every month (or better).

    In this world of app advertising revenue model, I think we need a change in our mindset (easier said than done). Think like a business-person. Not every month the income is going to be the same. There will be up and down months.

    And I'd suggest not to take december revenue as a measure. Consider December as a bonus month.

    Lets us know how 2012 treats you!



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