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Notification Ads - Opt In Implementation

I have just updated my Classical Radio app with Leadbolt notification ads opt in added in. This app has has a very beautiful growth since launch. Check it out!

The implementation is done as such:

1 - Someone downloads the app and runs it for the first time.
2 - A welcome screen is shown, and at the bottom of the screen is a check-box stating to support the developer by opting-in for notification ads
3 - User continues with the app. The notification ad is only shown once per app launch.
4 - If a user does not want the ads anymore, the user can click the menu button on the main screen, and un-check the option for notification ads.

With this implementation I hope the revenue from this app would be good, and at the same time it wont make any users unhappy.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

In the mean time... help me further increase it's download count by downloading the app :P



PS - Check out the new updated GUI for Photo Story Camera FX!


  1. Hi,

    How did this work out for you in regards to the people that opt-in and negative reviews etc?

  2. Hi,

    It worked out really awesomely.

    You can check out all my music apps, for example this one:

    Revenue wise it is pretty good too.



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