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Leadbolt's Rich Media Unlocker

How are your money making strategy progressing? I hope you're doing great. This month of February has been my highest earning month ever with Leadbolt. I've hit $100 a few days this month!

Lock and Load!

One new strategy I am using is content unlockers. Content unlockers allow you to lock up a certain aspect of your site or app, and allows access (unlocks) once someone has clicked the ad. You can lock any content, for example access the final level of your game by unlocking it, or access an additional feature of your app by unlocking it.

I've previously used Leadbolt's content unlockers in my app with little success. What I did then was I selected the 4 banner ad type unlockers. I thought that this would give the most exposure of ads to a user, and thus hopefully get a better conversion rate. But it turned out wrong somehow. I really need to understand why showing 4 ads at a time did not give back the expected returns.

Rich Media to make your Rich!

I've recently updated some of my games and added in rich media unlockers. Now, when I create unlockers, I always allow users to close the ad without clicking the ad. This would at least not piss your users off since they have an option of closing that large full screen ad. (Check out my Basketball Juggling Game to see the ads in action)

Rich media unlockers have been performing really good. Those apps that have this now generate between 25 to 50% more revenue from these ads alone. Again, let me emphasize the need of volume. You need many views of your ads to get a good return. The ecpm is pretty high for these ad types, and I am quite surprised at the returns.

Leadbolt also allows your to customise the appearance of your locker ads, so that they look like they are part of your app. This would help in better conversion of the ads!

Lock your apps up!

Give this ad type a try. It might not be suitable for more serious app types (like business apps), but work really great for games and entertainment apps.

-Bill (after notification ads, I am now a firm believer in the rich media unlockers!)

PS - Sign up with Leadbolt if you haven't, and start earning real revenue from your apps!


  1. Great, what is the average ecpm that you get with this type of ads? What's the reaction to this type of advertising?

    1. Hi,

      Lets see.. for yesterday's revenue ecpm, one app had 1.77, another was at 3.05 while the highest one was at 5.17.

      User reaction has been quite allright so far, as I always provide an option to close the ad without clicking it. There has not been any negative reviews on it.

      Hope that helps!


  2. sir please tell me how to i insert leadbolt ads to my blog
    its urrgent please help

  3. Hi alok pacholi,

    I have never added leadbolt into my web site or blog, apologies but I can't help you with this as I have only used them in my Android apps.

    Try e-mailing your accounts manager at leadbolt.

    Good luck!

  4. Hello Bill.

    Thanks for talking about the rich media concept from LeadBolt, when i saw this post I created a RichMedia Ad and I'm using it on my App Love Ideas

    My Application shows a lot of Love Tips, Gift Tips, Romantic Ideas and so on, my strategy to implement Rich Media is after the user have clicked on three ideas, and he wants to see the next one I'll show the Rich Media.

    It's working really good. But LeadBolt revenue is not meeting my expectations :p. I contacted them by mail and they said that this kind of Ad is called CPA Cost per Action, and if you want to earn revenue the user must install the application that the Rich Media is showing.

    Do you think that Rich Media is the best App Banner from LeadBolt?


  5. Hi Eugenio,

    For me Rich Media ads are the best in-app type ads from Leadbolt.

    Another developer has told me that he is getting good returns from the full screen 4 ads showing type format.

    Try both type ads. There is also GreyStripe full screen ads which you can have a look at.

    And yes, CPA understanding is a must if you wanna be more familiar with Leadbolt. You can check my entry here:

    Understanding CPA


  6. Thanks Bill.

    I will check the 4 ads Banners too.

    Happy progress in your apps


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