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The Music, the Bowl and the Icon..

A few stuff to look out for this weekend. Well, at least a few for me, and at least one for you!

The Super Bowl 2012

The Super Bowl is on this 3rd Feb, and the weekend will have the whole spirit HIGH of bowling, oh wait, footballing... or footbowling? Ahh, does it matter? This is a great opportunity to get some extra downloads for your apps. <-- Click it!

If you have no app at all for the Super Bowl, you can whip up a simple wallpaper app of the teams playing. Go on, make one, use the awesome-ly simple wallpaper library, add in a notification ad, and a fullscreen ad on launch / exit of the app, add in another notification ad, add advertisements of your other apps in, pack and post!

(Note: Banner ads wont really cut it for a wallpaper app)


This is truly milking the cow. Within a few minutes, I was made a new app based off of my older one, Classical Music. I've published Techno Trance Music app on the market. Download it, +1 it, 5 star it, and show some love will ya?

Do you see where this is going? I have country, R&B, hiphop and many more planned, with gradual release of all of them...


I just came across an awesome tool (thanks to Matej Pikovnik)... Get the Icon Creator widget from Opera (you need the browser too), and your can make icons go from this:

to this:

The icon above is of my todo list app, doing not too bad... report on those later on...

Till the next update...




  1. Great job Bill, those icons look really great :-)
    I noticed a great increase in downloads after giving much time to icons. It's the most apparent part of the application in the app market and giving time pays well. Cheers. David

    1. Hi David,

      I sure hope I get the same effects.. I'll keep an eye on the performance and blog on it once I notice some changes.

      And yeah, you're right, icons are your first impression, very often we click on apps that have nice and attractive icons.


  2. Bill, you might want to check Msft Word Office 2010. I even bought paint shop pro x5 that its great but its too complicated and takes out too much time i should be programming. Try Word, just insert an image and then format it you will be surprised the incredible amount of wonderful effects you can apply.

    Cheers. David

    1. Wowee.. never used Word for graphic effects before. Just checked it out, and oh boy! What a wonderful finding! Thanks David... will be exploring my "artistic" side this weekend... LOL!

  3. mt. -> paintshope pro x4


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