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A new non-SDK required AppWall - Everbadge - Review

Hey all, I just stumbled upon Everbadge. They are a rather new ad option of you're looking at implementing offer or app walls into your apps. The ads can be implemented for Android, iPhone, Mobile Web or Windows Phone.

Integration is very simple. You don't need the SDK if you're not using the offer walls. App walls show a list of apps that users can install. Offer walls have some advance features, quite like what TapJoy has, where a user can earn rewards for downloading the apps. Everbadge is about to move the offerwall to HTML5 based soon too, so that integration would be super breezy too.

The pros

I've used their wall for a few days. Implementation was very easy (3 lines of code on B4A). Should not take much effort on Eclipse either. (or many other platforms, since the ads are browser based).

I like the fact that I can see what ads are available via the dashboard. It gives proper breakdown of each app, such as how much you will earn per download / conversion, what rules apply for the conversion consideration and which countries the ads are applicable to.

I also like their reporting tool, which gives a very detailed breakdown of the downloads of your ads, such as which app was downloaded and in which country.

Everbadge also has support of an AM for each account. This is good really as there is a human that you're dealing with on the other side, and my AM has been quite responsive to my issues.

The cons

I believe that Everbadge is very new, and as such, has some initial teething problems. Which IT project / company has not had teething problems?

One such problem was that some of my downloads were not generating the promised revenue. I raised this with the AM, and they fixed the issue. Still I cant be sure how it goes after this. I will keep an eye out on it.

Another issue is that they require us to fill up a form for withdrawing our revenue. I don't quite like the idea of having to download a PDF, fill it up manually, get it scanned and email it to the AM. Many other ad agencies (AdMob included) does not require this. AND especially that I am not in America / not an American.

I dont really see any other cons though.


I will give them a try for a while, and see how it goes with their walls. Although previously I have written that AppBrain performed better in terms of Walls implementation, the revenue from AppBrain's wall ahs gone down quite low too. So, between Leadbolt, AppBrain and now Everbadge, I will need to do a new match up again, and see which performs the best.




  1. Thank you for your review. Hope you'll get good earning.

  2. Hi Susu,

    Well it is still too early to tell. I will put up an updated review in comparing the wall ads once I get some more detailed stats.


  3. I can not wait to see the comparison, I expected a lot from AppBrain but I see that you are not satisfied with them.

  4. Hi
    Could you please advise - what all networks offer non-SDK integration of offerwalls or ads?

    Thanks for your advise

  5. Hi,

    I'm only aware of Everbadge(app wall) and Leadbolt (app/offer walls and other ads) which loads ads into a webview.

  6. Hi Bill. Any update on this ad agency? I'm looking for a good HTML app wall. AppBrain is pretty good but they don't have a lot of variety. Looking to add more app walls. Was there a good revenue return?

    1. Hi Johnathan,

      I did not get a good return, unfortunately, with them. They had some interesting points system, but somehow I guess it never clicked with my apps back then.

  7. everbadge has very bad customer service.. as a developer they have not paid my money since last 4 months.. and when i sent tem emails they dont even show courtsey to reply


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