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The Super Bowl Weekend Update and Valentines!

A quick little check - Super Bowl weekend

So, how did it go for you over the weekend? Did you release an app related to the Super Bowl?

Check out the chart below on my Football Juggling game on the Android Market:

Similar growth from other monitoring sites too. This from AppBrain:

And this from distimo:

Hope you did release an app for the Super Bowl.. check out the trending apps section now, and you will see some simple trivia apps in the trending lists.

The icing of the cake? Well, the revenue gains over the weekend has been awesome!

What's next?

Valentines Day!! You REALLY need to target this one! It is a superb opportunity in making money with your apps.

Here is an idea. Make a very simple greeting card app. Allow the users to pick from a range of background, key in a message (maybe you can provide some messages for them to pick), and then make a card as a bitmap to be sent to others via social media and email.

I'll need to get my hands dirty for this too, lacking any lovey dovey app!




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