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Goodbyes, Hellos, the Ring, the Bar and Easter Eggs!

Hello folks! Been a while since I wrote some stuff here. Tough making time at times :D Thanks for all your visits and support, this blog has passed 10k page views, and often hitting more than 200 pageviews on a daily basis! Thanks again for the support!

Hows your revenue been? Glad that Leadbolt's revenue is now back to normal after the hiccup recently.


And speaking of Leadbolt, my Account Manager, Brian Tippy (and I believe many of yours too) is leaving Leadbolt to focus on his own startup ( I hope his replacement would be a cool as him though! All the best Brian! And hello Florence!


SellARing might be something you'd wanna listen in your phone now. They have drastically reduced the permissions for their SDK (version 0.2.3 if I am not mistaken). Here is the thing that you MUST know before you explore sellAring. Their major revenue sources is from the US (long live the grand ole US of A!). So keep that in mind if you're planning to give them a go. I do hope they get some ads for Europe soon too.

Play Store

Google looks like is paying a hell of a lot more focus on the Android . Go to any page that has the Google navigation bar at the top, you will see the link to Play (with the word NEW) on it. This is really bringing the Play Store to the masses / mainstream. It would really be awesome if we could sell our own ebooks and podcasts on it too.


And for Easter, I'd like to highlight ZeroSoft's Easter Egg breaking game which he released very recently. Give it a go!

Here is a little review (from the prespective of this blog of course): A very attractive icon and the app itself looks very nice (and quite fun to play, similar to the Whip It! app in a way), but I wonder why he/she did not make the most of advertising on this one. The offerwall on exit screen says the option is not available in my country (a typical thing with Leadbolt), but yeah, if his/her downloads are mainly US based, then the app is gonna be awesome. There could also been an ad banner in the app itself. But that is the developer's choice of course. A fun little app, give it a go.

Till the next post...



  1. Long time no see Bill. I checked your blog almost every hour and I'm so happy when found new post.
    Last week AirPush got terrible CPM too. It seems they're back on the track since yesterday.
    Good bye and good luck, my friend.

    1. :D Thanks for the support susu.

      Yes, there were some issues with Airpush over the weekend, it was some maintenance they did or something, and yes, it is back to normal now. Whew!


  2. Hi,
    how often do you update your apps? and do you see a difference in revenue afterwards?
    When I update them, if I get on the 'updates' list at the right time on I do usually see an increase. But nothing from the 'play' store/marketplace.



  3. Welcome back! :D

    Google remove 'Just In' option long time ago, it doesnt mean that updates dont have a point just there is no point to spam them every week.

    SlideMe counts every time when user update app like new download, so it is not possible to define is it a real increase or just regular update.

  4. Hi Sion,

    These days I update my apps only when I make some changes or a new library version is out.

    Like you too, not much happens on the Play Store, but yes, a much better download count from slideme.


  5. Hi Bojan,

    Thank you!

    You make very valid points there.

    Also SlideMe's actual counting of downloads is a little fishy at times. I am getting download increases of an app which is currently awaiting approval process.


  6. Hi Bill,

    I've read your posts about sellaring. After you removed their old SDK(the one that still need lots of permission), have you re-integrate them since then?

    Could you share us how good is the revenue you're getting from them? I'm thinking of building an opt-in for sellaring in my games.



  7. Hi Ben,

    I have not re-added back their library. Haven't quite gotten to it.

    But I'd say they are pretty ok in revenue. Just that back when I used them, they had low fill rate. Here are my old stats, from back then:

    Requests: 70924
    New users: 7976
    Fill rate: 20.92%
    CTR: 0.69%
    eCPM: $3.58
    Revenue: $53.18

    Maybe it is better now.

    Do let us know how it goes if you decide to implement it :)


  8. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing. I'll share my findings after my games are live. =)

    By the way, is the $53.18 the sum of 1 month?


  9. Hi Ben,

    It was about less than 2 weeks, from 1 app. Not bad eh?


  10. Hi Bill,

    Yeah that's some cool results. =)

    I'm choosing an out-of-app monetizing solution.

    Actually I'm deciding between Sellaring and Startapp(the one that create a 'Search' icon on user's desktop)

    Do you have experiences on Startapp as well?


  11. Hi Kitti,

    No experiences with Startapp. But why only choose either one? Why not both?



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