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Motivational Wednesday - How is your dream doing?

Hi folks, it is Wednesday, and it the the M day... not Monday, it is Motivational Wednesday!

Today we talk about your dream. About that vision you have when you're sleeping, when you're awake, when you're in the bus, in the elevator, in the loo!

How is your dream doing?

In this time, in this age, the time where the internet is like the biggest net in the world, covering every single corner of the planet, the opportunities of achieving your dreams are endless! The fact that you're here reading this blog, hey that is a positive thing right? You're taking that initiative, looking to get some useful info, some helpful hint, which (I really hope for this) will hopefully help you out.

It is not easy going through as a lone developer, all on your own. But some of us have gone through it, and some of use have achieved that dream (for many of us who persisted, we are way above what we had dreamt!). Take that as a guide. We all have our dreams, we all started off with it, and it is up to you on where you are with your dreams right now, and where you're going with it. I know I have made newer dreams as I went along, and I am now aiming to hit those!

Today I shall leave you in the hands of Sam Crowley. I go through his podcasts EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have many episoded of his in my phone, and that fills up my travelling time, to and back from, work.

And this one is a killer. It talks about your dreams, your vision. Give it a good listen!

Wishing you all the success you can with your dreams!


PS - How many times did I mention "dream" above??? Good lord!!! (3 exclamation marks! The sign of an insane mind?)


  1. Started and stoped several times in past, because after some time I burn out, maybe project is too big, maybe lost of motivation, probably everything a bit affected me. Now I started again, hold thumbs for me now. :)

  2. Hi Bojan,

    It has happened to me too. Many times and with the same reasons! Gotta be strong and go through it.

    All the best!



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