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Motivational Wednesday - Persistence

Hi all, and welcome to a brand new day!

I was having my usual commute today to my "job" (can't wait to get rid of that from my life!), and I was reflecting on what this blog site has turned into.

It started off as a place where I just share my stuff and ads revenue and also a little on Basic4Android (was planning some tutorials too). Now it is probably one hot place to get info on Mobile Advertising. I haven't seen very many "amateur" blogs that give more detailed overview of the Mobile Advertising world.

I try to blog on a daily basis every weekday, so do make sure you subscribe to the email list (box on the right side on this blog). Don't worry, no ads in the email and no spam!

For a start, an update on Whip It! After so many mediocre first-day-downloads apps, I finally got a decent amount of downloads in the very short time the app has been up. It has hit more than 200 downloads in the 9 hours or so it has been released! And that too only on Google Play (havent released on SlideMe yet). My other recent releases has had like below 50 downloads in the similar time frame (some even having less than 10!). This is quite an achievement I'd say!

Now, back to topic.

I am trying to come up with a schedule of my postings. A plan that I will TRY (majoy keyword this one!) to follow, so you will know what kind of info to expect. Of course this wont be easy as there are days where I write a few paragraphs of stuff, and realise that it just doesn't cut it. So I start over again on a new topic. Maybe a little flexibility on the schedule will be required, but I will try to vary the info in this blog.

Staying Alive

Today's topic will be very very useful if you are just starting off on the Android development world, and plan on making some money from your apps. You gotta stay alive long enough to reap the benefits. Go on, we shall wait while you play that BeeGee's song! Awesome high pitch!

Persistence! It is a MAJOR word when it comes to the Android Market. Just yesterday I was browsing MakingMoneyWithAndroid (awesome site for revenue feedback and motivation), and someone commented that David (the blog's owner) has motivated him to pursue his dream of making money on Android. David's response to the comment was very very spot on. You gotta persist!

A Vanishing Act

I have seen a great deal many developers that have left the market, left the Android development world, giving up when they did not make money from their apps. There are a few people on the Basic4Android forum who were so active previously, and now, nothing, they just disappeared. Either they are very filthy rich now, or they have left the Android ecosystem.

Remember, the game plan here is persistence! Rovio had over 50 games before the birds got angry. I had more than 20 apps before my revenue from them started being awesome! (With the current almost 30 apps, it means I have about 20 plus apps to go before I hit Rovio's fame!) Many others too are making awesome amount of money from their apps, because they sticked around. They stayed and worked on and on.

It isn't all sunny days for me too. I have had an app pulled down by Google (copyright infringement, not intentionally), I have apps that after so many months have not hit 1000 downloads. But I don't let that stop me. I move on to the next app!

On Track

Do that, stay the course, remember it is not a "1-app-will-make-you-rich" thing (unless you get super duper lucky!). The ones who are going to make it in the Android market are those who stay on.

Advertising spend is expected to grow tremendously this year, advertising companies are blooming like wild blueberries ( I love them berries!). Make your apps, simple ones especially, and get them out there!

Hope today's blog entry will help you stay on long enough to reap the benefits. It is not THAT long, I took about 5 months before I started earning a wonderful amount.

Stay positive, don't listen to the negative people (likewise, don't give negative feedback or negative moral support when someone asks you too).



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