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Motivational Wednesday - Stronger than Ever!

Hello and welcome to a brand new day. It is Motivational Wednesday, and well, lets get motivated.

Are you making money from your Android apps? Are you having some other stream of revenue besides your day job (assuming you're in a job)? Are you able to cope with the unexpected?

Today's post is gonna highlight a bleak moment in mine and my family's life, and how my family and I came out of it, and how all the B4A folks are now benefiting from it!

Losing it

I have gone through a horrible time last year. It was September 11th, 2011 (yes a 9/11 for me too, my sympathies and prayers to all those affected by the bigger tragedy), when over 60 of us were jobless because our company heads couldn't care less, and shut the business overnight! And they communicated this to us via e-mail!

Yes, I went through a horrible time, my family was really really down. But you know what, I think a lot came out of that. There are things that you can throw at me now, that's not gonna hurt me, or my family anymore!

Stronger than ever

I guess, losing the job did have some MAJOR MAJOR blessings in disguise. Seriously, not only for my family and me, but also for many other B4A folks.

You see I was jobless for that 1 month, and trust me, there are so many people who want to "help" you, by giving you <nasty fertiliser word here> to work for them. People are always waiting to take opportunity, to make the most out of the moment for themselves! There is a saying from my favourite motivational speaker, Sam Crowley, where he says "90% of the people don't care what you're going through, while the other 10% are glad you're having the problems!". Not exacts number, but it does paint the picture.

But I am not here to moan and complain about the jobless period. There were major major (yep I'm repeating this, because it is really MAJOR) changes that took place at that time. I had some free time in my hands (waiting for interviews and such), and guess what? All those monetisation libraries you have for B4A? They popped up after that period. I picked up Java and Eclipse, and tried to get as many monetisation options out, as I could. And I believe that changed my life, and many other lives on the B4A's front at least.

And now, its been a wonderful awesome ride so far, and the monetisation is truly helping life along wonderfully. And coming out of this <fertiliser> filled hole, well, besides the air smelling better, it has made me stronger, and ever ready to face the next obstacle that will come my way.

No sympathies

I'm writing this not to ask for sympathy or empathy or any telepathy (stop invading my mind!), I am writing this to tell you that the world out there is tough. The place I worked for has been around for many many years, yet, where is the job security? If major companies could be on the shutdown (think AIA), or on the brink of it (think of so many other businesses, layoffs, VSS, Nokia), what makes you think you are safe? Maybe it is "safer" working for the government, who knows?

What I am saying is, prepare yourself. You don't have to go through what my family and I went through, and you can do it now. Make the apps or any other passions you have, and monetise them. It will help you through the darkest days. My house loan was paid by AdMob for the 2 months before I got my paycheck in early November.

There is no such thing as job security. People have their own plans, plans that will benefit themselves. Sorry to say this, but the world, it is a <rude word for love making> selfish place. Those people who have plans for you? They will have obviously have made their own plans before they put you in. And you fitting into their plans are surely for their own benefit.

Plan it

So, make you own plans, make your own back up revenue stream. Make sure you have that other option to lean on when it goes bad. Who knows when Google could turn the tables on us too? I am looking at more options on this front, haven't really gotten too much out yet. Still working on it.

If you can have 3 or 4 streams of income, I believe you're way better off. In fact you could even live off of your passive income, and have an even more fulfilling life, spending more time with your loved ones, focusing on a better health, doing so much better for the world out there (there are people who could use your love too, besides your family, visit an orphanage sometime).

Go on, find your passion, work it out, monetise it, and make life so much better for those close to you, and those who really need it too!



  1. That's motivation! Really nice words.

    I think we must follow that concept.

    Thanks Bill.

  2. Hi Eugenio,

    You're welcome, and thank you too :)



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