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Totally random ramblings on Mobile Advertising!

Can you hear the ramblings?

Welcome folks to another episode of my world famous mobile advertising blog!

If some of you tried accessing the blog a couple of days ago, you might have seen a message stating that it is deleted or something. Well, it was. I deleted the blog. Kind of brought it to the afterlife!

I am kind of at a cross road. Should I or should I not blog about mobile advertising. I decided I'd stop, and move on to another venture that I am interested in. But when I come to think of it again, I have all these entries on this blog, and honestly (apologies for the self praise) I think there is really good stuff here. Stuff that can really help out many people. So we did a little CPR, and the blog is back up and kicking butts!

Oh, and a google search for "Mobile Advertising" actually shows this blog on the bottom of page 1! Isn't that awesome?

And on he goes...

Ok so this blog post is not going to be anything serious, just a brief overview of whats going on, and a breath of fresh air, you know, just being out of the grave and all.

Basic4Android released the AdIquity ad library. I am not sure how many people have integrated their ads in. I would love to hear others' feedback on it. I'm pretty tied up with my current ads and apps.

Easter is coming up, and a huge huge opportunity for you to get an app out. Make anything really, a greeting card app (just like the valentine's day idea), a quiz app, a simple game (pop-the eggs? save the eggs? shoot the bunny!). Work something out. If you already have a non-related app, maybe you can add some easter-ish features to it, and let it be like a seasonal update.

Today I came across one very interesting infographic on mobile advertising "3 Things About Mobile Advertising in 2011". Check it out... here is what I realised out of this:

1 - 50% of mobile traffic is AFTER 5pm - It is very interesting when you look at the charts. And it just makes very good sense. Desktop peaks at 6pm. My take is that is when the "after office" crowd goes online. They surf from their office and such, as it is after office hours. While mobile peaks at 8pm. The reason? Well, those that commute to their homes, those that drive and so, would only be able to access the net via their tablets or smartphones once they are home.

2 - Mobile rich media ad units drive amazing performances - I have blogged on this just very very recently. I implemented rich media content unlockers from Leadbolt into my apps, and it is indeed driving an amazing performance. We do not have access to "Bounce / Travel" ad type for now, it would be interesting to get that high CTR from such an ad unit!

3 - iOS and Android dominate mobile usage and CTR - D'oh! Thank you Mr. / Ms. Obvious!

Yep, it's on and on... the ramblings that is!

One favour, I would really appreciate if you would at least leave your names when you leave a comment on my blog entries. I do allow annonymous commenting, and I do answer every comment, but I would request that you at least sign-off the comment with your name. It gives me a feeling that I am communicating with someone alive. Mucho Appreciato!

So, how are things going for you? How are your ad implementation performing? Hope you are getting awesome results. Don't give up, work on it. Put a little extra hardwork at the start, you will see the results then! After being around for all this while, "hardwork" is something you need (yes yes, along with smartwork) in order to achieve something.

Cheers! And may March be a $moolah$ filled month for you!
-Bill (Back from the grave!)

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  1. Thanks God this blog is alive!
    Welcome back Bill. Thank you so much.

  2. My bet was that the blog was removed because it violated some rules. I'm glad because you're back now.

    1. Hi Bojan,

      Thank you for the kind words. No violations yet! :P

      Cheers! and a wonderful weekend ahead!

  3. Good to see your blog back, it's inspired me, as I've had motivational problems with finishing games, in the past, but knowing that a bit of money can be made has helped me.

    and thank you for linking to my blog:

    1. Hi Sion,

      Thanks for dropping by, and the mention on your blog :) yes, I do believe that there is money to be made from the apps. I too have many unfinished apps and games laying around, so looks like I am not the only one with the "unfinished business" syndrome :D


  4. Yes, I have many unfinished apps too and I like this kind of business, I don't have deadline so I do it little by little when I have free time.

    1. Hi susu,

      Yes, truly wonderful business model.

      You don't have deadline, no bosses and annoying colleagues, your time is yours (a commodity that we all have equal of), freedom in expression, and a truly real opportunity to get out of the rat race ;)



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