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AppBrain Library Updated

A quick little update, the AppBrain library for Basic4Android is updated to version 1.1.

It now has option to always show interstitial ads and is compliant with the manifest editor (B4A V1.8).

Get the latest SDK from AppBrain's site and update to this latest wrapper library.

Also, I've received the payment for March from AppBrain, it has been 2 months now that their payment term is at Net5! Awesomest!



  1. Thanks a lot Bill !!
    Yes is really incredible how fast they pay. AppBrain is a wonderful ad option for developers in my opinion :-)

    Cheers ;-)

  2. Hi nad,

    You're welcome.

    I too agree that AppBrain is a wonderful option for developers. For those who haven't tried them, it really is worth giving a try.


  3. Hi Bill,

    Is there any way to check AppBrain does work or not? I use AppBrain in my new app. My friends downloaded some games from OfferWall but it didn't count. I waited for 3 days but nothing changed.

  4. Hi susu,

    It should not take that long to update the stats for AppBrain. It updates probably the max within 1 hour. Did you add the "referer" part in the manifest?

    If that is not the problem, could you send me an email with your manifest file? You have my email address.


  5. Thank you Bill, I sent you an PM in B4A forum :D

  6. Hello
    Thank you very much for developing AppBrain library for Basic4Android.
    Can you give a direct link to this library ?



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