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App Release Strategy - New or Old?

I have been having a dilemma, I am planning to update some of my apps. More like a total re-do of the apps.

With extra levels, and a number of extra features. The difference ts, that these new changes could be considered a total new app.

The dilemma? To update my old apps (of which a couple already have over 100k downloads, and another one coming in soon to that range) , or to release as version 2 of the apps?


You see, the gains from the current download count would make the app more attractive. Knowing that it has at least 3.5 stars (above average) coupled with the over 100k downloads would give the apps a bigger appeal.

What I decided though, was to release a new app as version 2.

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Well, for one, the new app will have a chance to get into the list of new apps (d'oh!). This can give an app a good boost in downloads. Plus the total revamp of the whole app would hopefully give it a better appeal overall.

Secondly, the existing app will continue to generate the downloads, while the new app will give additional downloads. Remember, I am familiar with these apps, and I hope I can optimize them to be at a similar levels in term of keyword searches. This could "theoretically" double my downloads. (It could go horrible and half my total downloads, after all, it will also mean I am releasing a competing app for my own app!)

Thirdly, there is some plan to provide further user retention and social elements into the apps. This feature will hopefully give the apps a longer shelf life on the mobile devices. Longer shelf life is said to be one way to get higher ranks for your apps. This experiment will be a good show on whether or not user retention will be beneficial for apps.

So, how'd that go? We will see.

What would you do?



  1. I think the approach makes a lot of sense for games. For apps, you gotta keep building.

  2. Yeah I should have made it clearer. Was planning on making version 2 of my games instead.

    It would be a waste to restart on apps though, building on it would be a better option as you've mentioned...

    BTW, where to after Thailand?



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