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AppLovin and the Social Ads Evolution

Something really exciting is brewing in the AppLovin's camp, and no, it ain't coffee!

I went to the main AppLovin's site as usual to check on my daily earnings, and was surprised to the changed home screen. I went through the screens again to see what it was (I missed it the first time around as I was on a different tab in my browser). And WOAH! What an awesome awesome idea!

AppLovin, the company that brought to us a more personal level of social ads, is doing the evolution magic yet again. This time, it would benefit the developers a whole lot more. Let's see.

The New Stuff

Firstly we have our usual (not new anymore) banner and interstitial ads. These ads are awesome in that users see ads with their contact details in the ad itself (name and picture). This increases the CTR of the ads. The payout is awesome too since it is CPA based. The problem as higjlighted in my previous review of them was that the ads could miss out on giving us a CPC type of revenue. Thus my integration of them is only on some screens, and a suggestion of rotating their banners with other banners ads.

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New addition: Social Invite. How great is that. Someone starts up your game, and there is an option for sending invites out to your friends. Social elements in games and apps has been one major reason that propels an apps popularity (think Draw Something). It kind of gives the developers free advertising of their apps, allowing developers to get even higher downloads.

New addition: Social Push. Get updates of your favourite games sent to you as a notification message. If you're wondering if this will be bad like the notification ads, then my opinion is no. The messages would be updates to your favourite games, and stuff like knowing that your friend has just passed a certain level in the game. Benefits to developers? Well, notifications like this will bring the user back to the game or app. Allowing the developer to keep the app alive longer on the user's device.

Remember, as app developers using ads, the more your app is used, the more your revenue potential is!

For the Devs!

From the looks of it, the new features of AppLovin are really geared towards giving both the user and the developers a better experience from their apps. I am not sure how exactly the integration is going to be. Or whether the user can opt out of certain stuff themselves.

All these will be known sometime next week or the week after. AppLovin are fine tuning the stuff right now.

In short, the new additions gives us developers 2 extra advantages - a potentially higher download count, and a potentially longer app life!

I'd suggest you give them a try. Get ready for the evolution. Hope the B4A library wont be too tough to make.

And pssst - I've been told they will be looking at integrating with other development environments too! Hope it works out as I'd love to explore beyond Basic4Android too.



  1. Hi Bill,
    I'm using Applovin thanks to your suggest. It's really good and better than some other ad networks. I'm so excited for what's coming next. Please update use soon. Thank you.

  2. Hi susu,

    Glad to know it is working out great for you too. It has recently over taken my admob revenues on daily basis!

    I've just started using their interstitial ads, and that is giving really good boost to the apps too.

    Have you used the interstitials? Hows the performance against the banner ads?


  3. Hi Bill,

    Applovin interstitial ads? I didn't know about that. Did I miss something? Can I use it by using your pevious library?

  4. Hi susu,

    Yes, it was available since my first library :D Here is a sample code to add it to a new activity (good to show when moving from one activity to another):

    Sub Globals
    Dim aps As MESAppLovin
    End Sub

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    aps.initialise(True, "aps") 'True for interstitial
    Activity.AddView(aps, 0, 0, 100%x, 100%y)
    End Sub

    Sub aps_FailedToReceiveAd
    End Sub

    Sub aps_AdHidden
    End Sub

  5. Hi Bill,

    I really don't know about this great function. I'll try it now. Thank you so much my friend :D

  6. No probs susu... good luck and hope you get even better returns from it.


  7. Hi Bill,

    I tested interstitial ads in my new app, its result is great but it's not always appear, right? I just want to be sure :D BTW, what does "AdHidden" mean?

    Thank you for your super library!

  8. Hi susu,

    Good to know interstitials are working great for you too :D Really has given my revenues a good boost!

    I am getting 99 to 100% fill rates for the interstitials. Maybe the load time is slow a bit? Otherwise try writing to Rafael or their support, maybe there is some issue somewhere.

    "AdHidden" is triggered when the user clicks the skip button on the ad. I am using this event to close the activity that shows the ad.


  9. Hi Bill,

    I make interstitial ads display when user exit my app. I test about 3 times and it appears but later it's not. I think the reason is I didn't publish my app to the Market. Is it right? Is there anyway to test it before I publish?

  10. Hi susu,

    That should not be a problem if it worked the first 3 times. Do you get any errors when you check the logs?

  11. Hi Bill,

    I checked the log and it's always failed to receive ads. That explains why interstitial ads didn't show. So it means the fillrate of interstitial ads is low?

  12. Hmm.. might be location related. Looks like best to raise this up with AppLovin's support, though I find it to be a strange behaviour.

    Do you get the same result whether you're on wifi or phone network / 3g?

  13. Hey Susu,

    I'm happy you're bringing this up! We always need developers to report bugs, so we can work on getting them fixed fast as possible. Can you please contact me directly at

    I'll need a bit more information to de-bug this issue.


    Rafael Vivas

  14. Hi Rafael,

    FWIW, I helped susu test his app out, and the ads were always shown on my side. Might be some network issue, but do check it out.


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