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Blog Exclusive - CyberBounty Ads for Basic4Android

And here is the 2nd library of the day.

CyberBounty is a CPA ad network (after using Leadbolt, I am just addicted to CPA ad types!).

It does not have ads in all countries, but most of the major ones (Read: USA) are covered. Most other sign up ad providers don't have coverage for very many countries too.

Ad types for CyberBounty are sign-up ads mainly, I've only been running them for a couple of days in 1 app, so no feedback just yet (except that one of the sign ups generated $3 for 1 click!).

Await my performance feedback further down the month if I still stick with them.

Library is straight forward. Go to the Get SDK section of your dashboard and get the necessary numbers to use. Download the SDK from the dashboard too.


<activity android:name="com.cyberbounty.adapplib.ADScreen" android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard"></activity>

Sign up with my referral link here, and get that feel good tingling feeling running all over your nose!

>>Download Library<<



  1. Hi Bill,

    Does Cyberbounty supports payment via Paypal? I'm using Pontiflex for sign up ads and would like to compare their performance with Cyberbounty.


  2. Hi Ben,

    Yes, they support paypal. Give them a try.


  3. Hi Bill,

    I just tried integrate them but can't see any offers because I'm in Thailand.

    What kind of ads do you get from CyberBounty? I've got big brands ads like Qatar airways/HP from Pontiflex long time ago. Only recently that I only got small brands ads from them. (actually that's why I'm looking for an alternative lol)

  4. I think they don't have ads for Thailand for now. Following is the list of countries that have ads from their FAQ:


  5. Hi Bill,

    Thanks. Looking forward to your Cyberbounty review. =)

  6. Hi Virginia,

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree, there were payment issues for me too. Had to send in emails a few times before they even processed it. And I experienced the delays too.

    Not good service for developers from this one.

  7. Guess one comment between May 13, 2012 at 2:18 PM and October 22, 2012 at 8:39 PM. Bill can you share the post mentioned by Miss Virgina, whom you are referring to in your last comment.


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