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Blog Exclusive - InMobi Ads for Basic4Android

Ok, here is the first library of today. It is for InMobi.

In recent days/weeks, InMobi has been very very active in the mobile advertising world. They are an India based ad agency if I am not mistaken, with presence in many places around the globe.

The banner library has been available in B4A forum for a while now, but exclusive on this blog is a brand new version with full screen interstitial ads.

I've got one of the regulars here, susu, to help test it out, and we both realised that there is a lack of inventory for it right now. Maybe other locations would have a better fill rate for it?

>>Download Library<<
>>Download sample project<<

Do feedback if it works or not.

And to susu.. thanks for helping out with the tests!

Steps for fullscreen/interstitials:
1 - initialise
2 - LoadAd
3 - In event AdRequestCompleted, do ShowAd

In Manifest:

<!-- Mandatory activity declaration to show the Ad in the embedded browser -->
<activity android:name="com.inmobi.androidsdk.IMBrowserActivity"
android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation|keyboard" />



  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the lib, but I do have some questions
    1. is there a sample code to integrate nicely in b4a.
    2. interstitials also for games?

    And off topic: you wondered why your soccer game went fine suddenly(trending).
    Well, the answer is easy...we soon have a UEFA
    European Soccer Championship going on,
    starting at 8th of June till July 1st(final).
    Popularity same as your Superbowl.


  2. Hi Asmoro,

    Sample project attached to the post above. It shows test ads with app id as what is given by inmobi for test purposes.

    When I change the test mode to false I am not getting any ads though, maybe lacking inventory. If anyone succeeds in getting an ad shown, please do let us know here :)

    And Asmoro, my soccer game was trending last year actually, not recently :P Lets hope during Euro2012 it gets a good boost!


  3. Hi Bill,

    Thanx once again and sorry..didn't read well
    that it happened last year.
    But nevertheless, you never know good
    luck to you.


  4. Hi Bill,

    Thank you again for very useful library but I still didn't see new ads from InMobi. Maybe they got very low fill rate for this new kind of ad.
    Yes, Euro 2012 is a big chance for us, hope you guys can catch it soon :)

  5. Hi Asmoro,

    Thanks for the luck, likewise to you! Will keep all updated on how it goes :D

    Hi susu,

    Too bad about the ad fill rates. I noticed Mobfox too now have interstitial ads. I will be looking into their implementation soon, hope the library will be out soon too :)



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