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CyberBounty Sign-Up Ads - Performance Review

Hi folks.

Here is a look at Cyberbounty so far. The following is my performance from implementation in 4 apps. Lets see..

My CyberBounty stats up to 15th May 2012

As sign-up ads go, I really can't say which is a better choice, Cyberbounty or Pontiflex. My mileage seems almost the same from both. They both have their own appeal.

Your Ad Here

For me, Pontiflex's SDK looks much more well polished, while the Cyberbounty one allows a more easy integration, especially for B4A users.

As of this writing, the following are the countries with ads for Cyberbounty:


There is no way to know the list for Pontiflex (or did I miss this?). Would be useful to know this as for someone who is making an app for use on Mars will know that there are no ads there, and there will be not a need to spend time in coding it in.

Other than that, sign-up ads still has some growth required before it can show up as a bigger competition for other ad formats. It is still in its infancy, although the payout is not too bad. Implementation of sign up ads does not seem to affect apps in a negative way. So no harm in getting some extra revenue from them.

Sign up for Cyberbounty here. B4A library is here.



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