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Some App-ening News!

Too too tied down, and with the year almost half gone, hope everyone's monetizing of apps is doing wonderful. Quick take post today...

1 - Admob and that other adsomething - Google now allows the adwords people to directly send their ads into mobiles. Awesome eh? Well, I have seem a slight increase in revenue ever since this was announced. Could be due to the new month, or could be a direct effect. Who knows?

2 - Applovin - they've release their social tools. Unfortunately I could not get it to work with my B4A apps. No idea why. Anyone got success with it? What did you do? Their banners and interstitials though, have been going crazy in revenue, makes you wonder how can banner ads make such money?

3 - 900k - The number of new android devices activated daily. Awesome or what!!?? Close to a million new customers for us every day, and that is not considering the unofficial androids yet. Make the most of this.

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4 - RevMob - I'll most likely be starting with ads from RevMob for my Unity3D venture. Still nothing to show yet, but their integration for ads is simple, and they too have good support for devs. Looks like an awesome trend is happening that ad networks are getting in touch with their devs, and providing one to one support.

5 - Spamdroid / Senddroid - Have you been receiving spam from them recently? Anyone made the move? Caveat emptor: this might be just sugar coating to attract new devs, hope it does not turn into another airbull.

6 - Have fun, make money, enjoy life!



  1. Hey Bill,

    What eCPM you get with AppLovin?

  2. AppLovin is the best social mobile platform hands down!

    1) AMAZING developer tools, i've never seen such high user retention utilzing push notifications. Social really changes everything.

    2) Rafael is a fresh of breath air when it comes to business people. He doesn't over-promise, understands the technology and always giving me great tips to help grow my applications. No matter what time of the day as well I can get an instant response!

    3) eCPMS! Highest eCPM's i've ever seen in banner history. Wow, I couldn't even believe the numbers in my account. These guys are the real deal...

    3) Clean UI and integration. For a developer who has a few hundred applications, AppLovin made it almost seamless for me to integrate. All I need is one sdk key and it'll work on all my apps. Also, extremely fast UI that lets me slice up my data easily.

  3. Hi Bojan,

    Sorry for the late reply. I can't find a way to check the eCPM now with the new tools. Back in May, banners were giving me 1.xx - 3.xx range, while interstitials were giving around 2.xx to 5.xx range...

    But I can't find any details on this now. Hmm, the old reporting tools were better imho.

  4. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the feedback... it almost sounds like a PR thingy for AppLovin. Any chance you could provide a link to your apps?


  5. Hey Bill, no problems for late reply. If you still learn Unity check this video tutorials.

    Interstitials by that you mean on full page ads or something else?

  6. Hey Bojan,

    Thanks for the link. Yes, the walkerboys tutorials are one of the best and super detailed ones that I have come across.

    Interstitials - yes, full screen ads by Applovin. They are performing quite good really.


  7. Hey Bill,

    You're having a problem being able to read your eCPM? It's extremely simple :).

    - Login onto the dashboard
    - Click tools on the left
    - Click 3rd Party Ads
    - SUCCESS!!

    Let me know what you think of the eCPM's this month. Curious to hear your thoughts.

  8. Hi Rafael,

    AWESOME! Thanks for the tip there, will post it on the B4A forums so that other devs know how to check their stats too.

    For everyone's info, following for June to-date:

    Overall eCPM: $2.10
    Banner eCPM: $1.53
    Interstitial eCPM: $4.24

    Pretty impressive for banner ads, and I'm happy with interstitials too.

    I do hope this will last a long time!



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