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AppFlood Review - The Better Ad Network for Android!

UPDATE: You may wanna beware of this issue with AppFlood before proceeding

Now that the no-post-in-March month is over (  just declared that now that I realised I did not make any new posts in March :D  ), let's get on in improving our bank balances from mobile app ads!

Re-Introducing AppFlood

I say re-introducing, because AppFlood was first introduced on this blog in the comments section of the post about AppBucks. You see, someone mentioned AppFlood, and as I was not too confident about them back then, I just made a quick wrapper for Basic4Android in the comments section for AppFlood.

And guess what, in the worst case of a post-comment hijack, the comments in the post about AppBucks started drifting to AppFlood. Drifting? It was more like a Whoosh! A total washout! Many developers seems to have found good returns from their investment (read: time-spent) in AppFlood. One fellow developer, Jakob,  just declared that AppFlood has outperformed Airpush for him.

So, to stop the hijack, this post is here to discuss about AppFlood.

Beautiful Interstitial Ads

The Brick in the Wall

The walls option of AppFlood are very interesting. There are a few type of walls available, and depending on what type of app you have (an app or a agme), you can choose to show only apps, only games, or even both in the walls.

This is really an awesome, as it would make sense NOT to show non-game ads in a game, and vice versa. Really good implementation there from AppFlood.

The types of ads available are really nice too. We have the usual interstitial, the usual wall, and a very interesting panel ad type. For me, the panel type has performed really well, but I haven't tried the wall type just yet. Will be having walls in soon.

Panel Ad format, a fresh look at ads on Android

Push The Right Ads

AppFlood also has push ads. Now, their push ads coulld really work out great. Sending out a CPA type app or game can really give an awesome return. Give them a go.

For Basic4Android, I haven't got this working out just yet. I've requested a test mode to be created from AppFlood, and they are looking into it. Do request for a test mode in the comments section here, and hope AppFlood will look into this with a higher priority.

There are 2 types of push ads. I've so far managed to get the text type push ad working for Basic4Android. And boy the push ads are beautiful:

AppFlood's push ads are beautiful!

What worries me though is if AppFlood gets into the antivirus apps list, it is gonna be damaging for even their non-push ads, which is working great right now. Let's enjoy the ride while it lasts :)

Killed the Middleman

The reason AppFlood performs so good, is that they are one ad network that is giving the full revenue to the developers. They are not taking a share of the profit, which gives a much better return for us developers.

The Downside 

Now, nothing comes out straight in what we favour of course. And AppFlood is no exception.

1 - App approval takes a wee bit too long. Now, when an update is pushed out by developers, the download count is highest. And waiting for approval makes a lost for us developers. It would be nicer if apps are pre-approved, and then, if AppFlood finds an app in violation, they could revoke all revenues generated in the 2 days it takes for the approval.

2 - Confusing points system - Something that many developers were surprised to encounter. No biggie really, but why not straight away use a monetary value?

3 - The platform could also use a clearer reporting system.

All the above are no big issues, it would just enhance it for us developers.

Looks Promising

Would it sink like many other ad networks before it, where it was awesome first month, and then down down down following months? It was fine last month, the true test would be how it performs this month, with more developers having more apps out with them in. Please report in your performance with it.

An Important Conclusion

Jakob, a regular here, mentioned that AppFlood outperformed Airpush for him. This is the biggest news we developers can be exposed to. Truly, many of us would rather monetize our apps without using the more aggresive ad networks, and if AppFlood can maintain their good run, we on the Android side would finally have a proper ad network to use.

Cheers and Good Luck to all!

AppFlood Basic4Android Library  <-- based on version 1.4
AppFlood Basic4Android Library <-- based on version 1.5, banner push not tested, might be buggy


  1. Hey love your blog have been reading for some time ill have to try out app flood I'm just not a fan of the approval process, but what really looks interesting to me is pingjam, check it out at I don't know if you've heard of it or not but I want to try it out no ecpms just a straight monthly payment u can count on based on total number of active installs now that sounds cool if its true, would love to hear how you feel about it I hope I'm not starting another comment section hijack though

    1. Hey Cody,

      Yeah, I am in contact with Elnor from Pingjam. Been giving him some feedback and opinions on these ad types and about their "re-launch".

      While it is a very innovative idea, and has a great payment plan, I will not be using them, simply because it adds a whole lot more necessary permissions to apps already loaded with permissions from other ad networks.

      Moving forward, all my new apps will not be having out-of-app ads (except MAYBE startapp ads), as I try to focus on making better in-app experiences and ads implementation.

      But if you do try them out, do let us know how it goes. The guys over there are nice people to talk with, and should help over come any concerns one might have.

    2. Thank you for the reply! Glad to know you looked into them as I have not been able to find any reviews testimonials or mentions by any developers online, I guess because they are fairly new. I will be sure to let you know how it goes because I think I'm going to try them and startapp (with something for in-app) aswell with my next app launch if thats not too overloading. I agree out of app adds can be risky, they really need to be balanced. Thanks again looking forward to more of your blog posts they've helped me get an idea of what publishing on android is like.

    3. Hi Cody, there have pass a month from your reply and I was wondering how does Pinjam worked for you, I am using it too, and wanted another opinion.

    4. Hello, I actually took them out the second day of release, they didn't seem worth it and the users did not appreciate the added permissions for it. However ive been using appflood too and I have tons of impressions and clicks but still not a single install so I haven't made a cent there

  2. I tried appflood in one of my apps , it gave awesome results , will soon be implementing it in others. It reminded me of the first days on airpush and leadbolt , I hope the story is different this time :P :)

    Still I agree with the downsides you mentioned , they should consider pre- approval , as it results in few losses. I might be wrong, but I think this is the part where Appflood makes their money.

    I more thing I would love to see in their portal is if we can control the no of notification ads sent to per user per day.

    1. I've got some good news.

      Any app that integrates the SDK actually is already showing live ads, and impressions and installs are all recorded and awarded accordingly, even when the app hasn't been reviewed/approved.

      This is my understanding on my communication with Justin from AppFlood, I am waiting for him to confirm on it.

      Their approval process is just to ensure that the ads integration is done right on our side, plus I suspect they also check to ensure that the apps that are showing the ads are not of the nasty type.

      So, no loss of revenue there.

      Oh and I totally agree on the control for push ads. We don't wanna look like we're spamming our users like how it is with other push networks.

      And yes, reminded me of the good ole days of Leadbolt indeed... also hoping it is a different story this time around.

    2. I have seen on the statistics, that I have installs before the app has been approved. Also I have been told by Chris and Kaitlin, that we are not missing anything during approval.

      How does it go with the B4A notification ads? I need it. I think, that this will beat Airpush and Leadbolt combined.
      I have asked Chris and Meijung, if they could make and maintain a wrapper for B4A.
      I have also asked them for a test mode.

    3. The post is updated with push ad sample, and a link for the v1.5 at the end of the post.

      Do note, I sometimes get weird errors... so I'd recommend testing out the code first. Try on your own device for about 24h or at least till you get the first push to ensure the push code is working fine.

      Remember to copy the 2 xml files from AppFlood's sdk into the laout folder.

      I've got the text push ad (which looks really awesome) working fine, but am in the midst of testing the banner push. If you receive any banner push ads successfully, please let us know.

      Thanks for the confirmation about pre-approval process.

    4. I suggest don't use the banner push ad yet (text push has been fine). It is giving me this error: 114 [DefaultPhoneNotifier] : default, IPV4, DISCONNECTED 391 [operatorCode]: OPEN [countryCode]: COM
      java.lang.NumberFormatException: unable to parse '' as integer
      at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
      at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
      at com.appflood.d.f.a(Unknown Source)
      at com.appflood.notification.b.b(Unknown Source)
      at com.appflood.AFNotificationService$ Source)
      at java.util.Timer$
      com.appflood.d.f -1 failed to parse int () using default value :0

      followed by:

      FATAL EXCEPTION: Timer-0
      android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: String resource ID #0x0
      at android.content.res.Resources.getText(
      at android.content.res.Resources.getString(
      at android.content.Context.getString(
      at com.appflood.notification.b.b(Unknown Source)
      at com.appflood.AFNotificationService$ Source)
      at java.util.Timer$

  3. Hi Bill,

    How can I display only apps or games in ad wall? And how about push ads, did your library work?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi susu,

      Push ad feature available... but you guys need to be the guinea pigs first :D Check the post again... just updated.

      As for only games or apps in the wall... these 3 methods should do it:



  4. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I tried your new wrapper and I saw a push ad per 5-10 minutes and I don't know how to stop it :D

    1. Hi susu,

      Are you getting a push ad every 5 - 10 minutes? I'm getting about 3 - 4 pushes per app a day. There is no control available for the push ads, something we should request I guess...

    2. Hi Bill,

      Yes, I got a push ads every 5-10 minutes but total 3-4 ads like you. Appflood really need a way to control and report too.

  5. Hi there Bill :)

    I have been running AppFlood on my low apps for about a month now but i do have a sensation that the click rate and install rate are not that awesome, install rate seems worse then AppBrain. And click rate seems less then %5 of number if total impressions. But maybe because i am showing Game Ads on my normal apps? Or do did you get these type of results also?

    On the good side they do pay 3 times more per install eheh

    1. On my "normal" apps, AppFlood is not performing well, but on my games they are THE BEST. AppFlood is out-performing Airpush, even with only walls and interstitials. I have not tried AppFlood Interstitials yet, but I am sure, that the performance will be even better.


    2. Interesting now it makes sense lol, did you try showing non game ads for your non game apps? What was the result? same or worse?

      Thanks :)

    3. Not yet. I have been too busy.

    4. I guess it is a better platform for games advertising.

      Also, it has controls if you wanna block certain ads. This is useful when you analyse which ads have high CTR and IR (install rates), and which are not converting.

      Filter out those that are not converting, and hope you get a higher return. I haven't really dug in and implemented this yet... but it will surely be nice to find out which games are converting.

      Will share with you folks if I ever get some good results from this.

    5. Well i can now say for sure that appflood gives bad conversion for non game apps. My fake call app just gave yesterday 319 impressions 10 clicks and not a single install. I will try showing only ads for non game apps to see what are the results.


    6. Just tested showing a list with only apps instead of games and they don´t seem to have any ads to show for my country, does this happen with you guys?

    7. I get a sad smiley (can we still call a sad smiley a smiley?) with the words "no connection"... guess no apps?

    8. Same here :( Seems appflood only has games to advertise :\

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi guys,

    It seems notification ads worked for my app. But how can we earn money from it? When the users tap on ads or when they install apps? I can't find any document about it.

    1. I believe they are CPI based... like their other ad formats. I could be wrong of course...

    2. I have tried their notification ads & noticed the points keep increasing even though the number of installs remain the same.So, I believe it's CPA based and not CPI based. [Getting 1176 points within 24hrs with 12 installs].

  8. hi, I'm just a newbie, can you please tell me how to implement AppFlood in B4A?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hey Bill

    Did you manage to get the banner push to work?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jakob,

      I could not find the time to further work it out yet.

      I have requested for a test mode from AppFlood, which can help in debugging... it is in the pipeline, but not available yet...

      So, this gotta wait for now.

  11. Hello
    Thanks for the information. It's very useful
    I have some questions I would like to ask you
    Which is the minimum amount of money for what they are paying?
    How often do they pay?

    1. Hi,

      Minimum payout is $100... and you can request payout ANYTIME you want (as long as your have at least $100 in there).

      I requested payout about 3 weeks ago, and received it exactly on the 7th day from request.

      Good stuff I say...

  12. i am really confused. can you please help me?
    what is the difference between
    AppFlood.showFullScreen(this); and AppFlood.showInterstitial(this);

    1. should be the same stuff... give it a try... its been a while since i looked at their code..

  13. this post was in april right? so whats the revenue looking like after 2 months now? Steady?

    1. Yep... still outperforming appbrain for me (as that was my intention of using them).

  14. Is there any tutorial on how to add this into my project on b4a? Im using 1.4

    Thanks, James.

  15. Ive been having problems getting appflood integrated even banner shows white screen


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