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Download and Play the Best Mini Golf Game on Android!


I've just published a mini golf game on Google Play. It's basically the 2nd edition of my Cartoon Mini Golf Game series (the one released last year hit 1m downloads in less than 1.5 months, making it my first mega hit!).

cartoon mini golf games
Cartoon Mini Golf Games 2 set in cartoonish little islands

Awesome mini golf game!

It's a simple mini golf game with a single course of 18 holes in it, set in cute cartoon worlds. I might make more courses depending on how the Tiger feels about the game of course.

cartoon mini golf games 2 in 3D
The 18-holes course covers scenes from city to the farm!

Will it hit the same success factor as the one last year? Well, time will tell, but certainly if this one ends the first 30 days with below 100k installs, it will be considered a disappointment for me.

With the Ryder Cup coming up and the USPGA happening around, I hope there is more interest in this game. And that it gets a much needed boost!

I'm planning to release versions annually just like what EA Sports does with their games.

cartoon mini golf game 3d
All  holes and scenes hand crafted manually

Please give the game a download, I think its a pretty good looking mini golf game :D And thank you for your time!

The cartoon mini golf game 2 is also released on Amazon if you fancy an ad-free version.

The case studies

And a month has passed since I did my app publishing and monetisation posts. How's the game done in month 2?

Well, surprise surprise! The game out peformed its first month! Current total downloads are a little above 230k. And the money it made in the 2nd month was $1.9k. This one looks like to be a long time success I say (hey, nobody gives your $2k a month for doing nothing!).

The app business is still very much alive and kicking! It takes a little hard work and time to get to the good level. Keep at it and you'll get there!


PS - Remember to download the mini golf game! Thanks a bunch!


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