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Mobile Advertising vs Other Medias

Advertising makes it possible to get many things at a free/almost free price tag.

Thus, the reason free mobile apps are often having ads in them. These ads "pay" for the users to get these apps and games.

Mobile advertising is BIG business. For example in a recent report by Glu, about 14% of their last quarter's $84m revenue was from in-app ads.

Best mobile ads implementation strategy

How ads best work for one app might not work for another. I've noticed though, that the revenue generated from ads is often related to how much ads are being shown in an app.

Forget eCPM. For those familiar with my blog will know I'm no fan of eCPM. In the end, what fills your bank account is not eCPM but the actual revenue that you get.

Right, this is a tricky situation here. You've worked and spent time and money on an app, surely you're looking at a return on your investments here.

What's worked great for me, besides ads on start-up, game ends and in between levels is an ad shown within gameplay.

Many users (and developers!!!) often complain about ads in game.

Showing more ads will most likely result in much negative reviews from users. Even big names such as Angry Birds get much negative reviews on ads.

Try Heyzap to implement a (skipable and/or rewarded) video ad.

But let's look at other advertising mediums in regards to this.

The Billboards

Driving from point A to point B, you come across many billboards on the road. Or in your train stations. Or at the bus stops.

The billboard did not wait for you to turn off your engine or complete your journeys before popping up.

The Newspaper & Magazines

Premium ads are shown on the front page. And ads are shown through out the paper ( and worse in a paid magazine, sometimes it feels like you've paid to get an advertising brochure huh? ).

The TV

This is a classic. The most effective ads are those shown during the movie. Once a movie is finished, I usually dont wait to watch ads.

Football, Formula 1 and other sporting events

Ads are shown throughout. On billboards beside the pitches, on TV timers, scrolling across the screen, at half times (super bowl ads anyone?), on players jerseys, on race cars.

Advertising is most effective when the user is there watching the ad. These "traditional" mediums have such implementations, I don't see why the fuss with mobile ads.

Hey, if its such a bother, a user can simply turn off their data connections before running the apps (try doing that with the other mediums). Or get the premium paid ones.

So let's stop complaining about ads, and realise that our real "customers" are not the users, but the advertising companies that pay us for space in our apps.

It works best when its a win-win for all parties. Users, well, they will be users.



  1. Hi Bill,
    Don't tell everyone that they can turn off their data connection before running apps.
    'Some' users may not know that they can do that... shhhh :P


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