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What I learnt about the mobile apps business from McDonald's

McDonald's make great burgers (your preference may vary), IKEA make pretty cool furniture, BMW make awesome driving machines.

Do you get what's going on here?

Publishing apps business is delicious!

Over the years building and publishing mobile apps and games, I've noticed and experienced myself an important aspect that makes a successful mobile apps business.

You will not see IKEA selling cars ( would be interesting to get a DIY car though). You won't see BMW making chicken burgers. And you won't see McDonald's having a McFurniture special.
These companies are focused on what they do best.

 Find your focus app

Let's dig a little deeper. Let's just take McDonald's. They've found out that they are best in making burgers, and that's what they've been growing in.
There are a tonne variety of burgers that they come out with. Spicy, doubles, cheesed, in wraps. You dont see them making fried rice, or souped noodles, or pasta.
That's because they have found what works best for them, and they're focused on that area alone.

 Of Kings and Birds and Elephants!

Looking at our own turf, you'll see King keep releasing match-3 games, Rovio keeps releasing slingshot with birds games, Mad Elephant Studios keep releasing golf and football games.
That's because these great mobile games companies have found out what worked out for them.
You will need to do the same too.

 Aim right!

Make many different apps and games, once you've got one hit, build on that.
Cross promotion will be easier when you're promoting similar app types.
That's why my previous case study was a success, while all follow up games were poor performing.
My most successful game is a football game, and cross promoting another football game made most sense. And it worked wonderfully.
So, question yourself once you've got a bunch of different apps, which one is your biggest hit?
Work on coming up with variation on that, just like what the big players are doing too.
And now, to finish my McChicken!


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