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App Store Optimization : Improving App Search Ranking with Keywords

You've heard this many many times the past weeks. Heck, even the past months and past years!

Keywords make all the differences in your app store optimization strategy. This key ASO strategy affects your app's search and discovery.

Unless you're a big brand or a big app of course, then you can screw keywords (maybe)!

Smart Keywords App Store Optimization

You've got to get keywords right though, and know where you should have them and how.

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Here is how the priority goes:

1 - Keywords in App Title

Keywords in app title carries the biggest weight. Its crazily heavy, that if you are not doing this already, please do it.

The app stores put pretty high value in title keywords, that not having a keyword in would mean a big lost of download potential.

Its tempting to make a short app name. To build your brand especially. But when you are that small fish in the big pond, you want all the discovery optimization you can get.

2 - Keyword Density in App Description

While keyword density in description applies to Google Play store, you will never know if Apple will start using that in near future.

Algorithms change all the time right? Plus description in iOS stores is still searchable on Google.

Keyword density in your app description, in terms of app store optimization is, well, having your targeted keywords appear a few times, NATURALLY in your descriptions.

Avoid the temptations of keyword stuffing as it will sooner or later backfire. Also avoid non-related keywords (we all wanna rank for "angry birds" don't we?).

The "experts" recommend having keywords appear 5 times in description. I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion, but I'll say that, in my analysis of some apps, this is pretty spot on.

But is that really the optimal value? Who knows really, and honestly, I doubt it. There is a game that appears well ranked for a certain keyword which only has 1 line in its description.

Maybe they're doing keyword stuffing in other languages? (Dirty little ASO trick!)

3 - ASO Keywords in Reviews

You've got your neighbour and your sister to download and rate and review your game right? Especially for a brand new one?

Do remember the importance of keywords in your reviews.

Its pretty proven that keywords in reviews comes into action for app store optimizations. So ask those you've asked help from to leave natural sounding reviews with your keywords in them.

4 - Keywords in Company Name

Now, this is one thing many developers are not making use of. When you search for "Rovio" on Google Play, you get all apps from them pretty high up on the list.

This is the clearest reason why you need keywords in your company name. It is searchable and another opportunity to boost your app store optimization strategy.

In App Store Optimization, Keywords Rock!

Yes, getting your app ranking high on the app stores does require a great ASO keyword strategy. And making sure your keywords are appearing at all the places they can appear in will surely boost your search rankings.

What's your favourite keyword optimization strategy?



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