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The #1 Way to Fail at Mobile Apps Business

We all want our mobile apps and games to succeed. I know I always want mine to be a success.

There has been one very obvious reason for almost all of my failed mobile games.

And that reason is...

 Lack of Marketing!

There was an article I read recently about how to succeed this year in the mobile apps space, and the focus of the article was users.

Read users feedback, see what users want, are there users for the app that you're about to make? These are great pointers to ensure your app is a success.

But if you don't reach out and tell users that your app is out there, you will never have users.

The app markets have reached a certain level of maturity, an equilibrium perhaps? The chances of a new app making it is very much slimmer now. Not impossible, just much tougher than it was back then.

Look out for marketing your apps. There are a bunch of promotion channels available for us, give them a go.

Or reach out to your contact at your favorite mobile ads network and get some advice or feedback from them. These folks know the mobile ads space and that's a great marketing vehicle.

Good luck!


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