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What's in store for the apps business in 2016?

With the new year, comes new beginnings. And let's start this one off with what's in store in the world of apps and mobile games business.

Every year, changes take place. And in order to reap the most benefit from these changes, you should keep up with the happening trends.

This 2016 will be no different. And here I share some possible focus areas for your apps business.

Virtual Reality

If you hang around the gaming space, you'll realize 2015 introduced a "new" toy into the market. The VR goggles thingy!

VR is getting hot, and seems to be easily accessed by more people. Sure, pricing wise its beyond what most people will wanna spend money on.

But history has shown that over time, prices of goods come down (especially when China gets "creative") .

It would be great to look at how you can make your games especially, VR ready. New market with very little competition right now.

Remember, a fart app made over a million dollars back when it apps were new in this world. Be the pioneer!

What I would love to see though is VR combined with Google Glass!


Smart watches and glasses are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart  connected wearables. It would be awesome to see how these grow in 2016.

I was hoping for a more aggressive growth of wearables back in 2015, but it hardly made a splash.

There's still hope this year with Google getting their butts back to a better improved implementation of Glass.

Android, Apple & Smart TV

More specifically, Android and Apple TVs. Just today, I received an email from Google stating a 1:1 support for apps implementation for Android TV.

It's really awesome when Google goes out of the way to help developers achieve success. And this email just shows how big a deal Google is going to make of the Android TV this year.

If you have mobile games and apps suitable for TV audiences, get this going too. It is going to be the console killer!

Not quite dead Consoles 

Speaking of consoles, what happened to OUYA? It's fun supporting the underdog. And I had wished much success for them, but really, they are nowhere to be found.

This reminds me of the Firefox OS smart phones. You see, to be a success, these devices need to get out there and reach end users, and not just coding geeks.

Yes, both OUYA and FxOS had pretty good developer support, but with hardly any noticeable marketing effort to reach out to end users, there is probably zero growth with these products. (Damn it, now this reminds me of some of my apps too!)

Besides, their competition is really too big. But remember the David vs Goliath story?


The other thing to take note of is emerging markets. Brazil, India and Russia have huge huge markets that will be getting online this year. New folks on the block!

Take the advantage here. Advertising is still cheaper in these countries. At the same time, know that people from these countries are less likely to spend money on IAP or premium paid contents.

Work out alternatives on how you will monetize these markets. If possible, make customisations that caters to them. Indians love their Bollywood! Brazilians love football. What about Russians? And China and Spain?

If / When Google Play gets accessible in China, there will be a flood of downloads headed your way. Yes, most phones sold in China are equipped with alternative stores native to China, but remember there are still a big numbers of internationals working there. Plus a small percentage of Chinese can equal the population of some other nations.

Onwards to 2016..

So, I wish you luck in your ventures this year. Hope you will find success in more than one field! And we'll see each other more often!

Cheers and a wonderful 2016!


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