Can you make money from Android?

The stories..

You might have come across stories of android developers making a living (or a killing?) from android apps.

I am from one of the unfortunate countries that cannot sell android apps. My option? Release the games and apps for free.

Now I started this off as a hobby, just thought I'd make some extra cash month to month and see how far it goes.

The luck factor 

I guess I got lucky from the start (hey, I'm being honest here!) and I picked a niche that was good enough to get me off to a good start.

My rise wasn't phenomenal. I've seen apps hit the 10k - 50k download range on launch day. I wished that I had a similar success.

The growth of my apps (games mainly) have been slow and steady.. but they were steady. And somehow, over time, different apps have had different growth.

The revenue

In my first month, I hit $49 from admob. That was great, I had covered the $25 that I spent for the market registration. In the next couple of weeks, I recovered the money I spent for the great IDE that I have been using.

After that, it was just profit. I had been ranging between $300 to $500 for the next few months.

I then worked on using other monetization options, and true enough, my revenue grew a whole lot more. It started hitting the $2k range!

Getting more from the same

I then started looking at ways to promote my apps more, so that more people will download them. Over time, my experiments worked out and the downloads have grown even more. This of course in turn generates more revenue.

All the strategy for promotion, revenue generation and such will be provided in the coming posts, and the next post I will be posting on the tools I use for development, and the ad agencies I've implemented.

Stay tuned!


  1. this is the great.

    I haven't entered in app uploading in market but will soon. Anyway, i have just started to make some money through Android by my blog: , but google is not doing well with me, they have recently de-activated my 2nd AdSense account.

    Anyway, i have activated infolinks and other affiliation program so that i can recover hosting/domain purchase expense , so that i can easily run my blog.

  2. Hi Paresh,

    Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to your apps on the market soon :)

    I've seen your blog, and there is lots of useful info there. I will be hanging around there quite a bit I guess :D

    As for google adsense, well, I've heard too many stories about them disabling people accounts and such (even on admob).. that they are gonna be my least favored advertising option when I do start advertising.

    I'd go with your idea, infolinks and affiliate. I'm trying to get affiliates to ad companies like leadbolt via this site, which would help.

    Lets see where this one goes!


    PS - Need to change my profile name... goodness!

  3. @XssentialXadmin

    i am also planning to get my android market account, but right now i am just making concentration on building apps, so that i can have big entry in android market :)

  4. Keep us posted dude.. we'll be there at your launch party! :D


  5. Hey, is it so ?? I am going to get android account. I was not aware of benefits of it. Got to know only because of your post..Thanks a ton :))


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