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Basic4Android Millennial Media Library

Here you go folks. Millennial Media library for Basic4Android is attached. Please note that it has not been extensively tested. And I am having poor fill rates. So you are my official guinea pigs! Muahahahhaha! What I would appreciate is some feedback on it's workings please. Please let me know if it works fine for you, as a lack of feedback would mean a lack of updates and new libraries from me :) I have only tested the top and bottom banner formats, and those are fine for me. I have added the option for interstitials, but I can't seem to get them to work due to low fill rate, please let me know if it works for you. Add this to your manifest file: <!-- SDK Activities --> <activity android:name="" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar" android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation|keyboard" > </activity> <activity android:name="com

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.. and coming soon!

Been a while, and the year is almost up. Doomsday tomorrow! See you all in hell (for those developers who use notification ads), and in heaven (for those who only used banner ads). I'll be at both places, we'll have fun! Anyway, say we survive this weekend, here is what you can expect from me very very soon:

SendDroid - no ReceiveDroid?

One thing that really annoys me is when someone sends out an email to ask for something, an opinion or idea for example, and you take the time and effort to reply to that email, and the original party not responding to your email in any way. This is one common problem with SendDroid. Chandler is now known to spam people's inboxes but very seldom replies to emails. Hey Chandler, you reading this? If you can't handle the number of emails you get, I'd highly recommend an assistant! People been complaining a lack of response from your side on the Basic4Android forums and also on . I Hope you start appreciating the time developers are taking to communicate with you. SendDroid - a 1-man show? Many people are now wondering if it is a 1-man show. Though I believe it is not so easy to run this business as a 1-man show, I do believe SendDroid is being run by 2 people (sense the sarcasm!) Idea acquisition One cheap, and I'd say effec

Airpush - A Google Play Suspension Potential!

Now, I thought Airpush mentioned that they have fixed the 'New Message' crap? And here is what I have today in my notification tray: Just when I was thinking of adding back notification ads, Airpush comes along and shows that they really have no concern for their developers! For all those using Airpush, please beware that the 'New Message' ad is clearly against Google Play's T&C! Update: After about 4 hours later, another similar message pops up: Good luck to developers using Airpush!

A September Without Push Ads, The Wanted.. and the Holy Grail!

Enjoy some random ramblings from me.... IN YOUR FACE! I was out doing the weekly grocery shopping at the local Tesco outlet, when this lady walked by, and she had this black t-shirt on with the wordings "The Wanted" on it. Really huge.... words, seriously, the wording just shouted out at me. And guess what came to my mind? Notification Ad! LOL! The "ad" of the band popped up, when I was least expecting it, and while I was not watching the TV or listening to the Radio! Awesome eh? Long live notification ads!!!

2nd Unity3D Game - from Idea to Market in 4 hours!

I've just released my 2nd Unity3D game to the market folks. It is a 2D basketball shooting / hooping / scoring game. The best part, as the title mentions, it took less than 4 hours in total to get the game from idea to published in the market! All done in Unity3D, with not a single line of code written! Give the game a go: Impact Basketball Some screenies: The Game in Action The very simple menu screen Yes, the game is very simple and basic, but the fact is, with proper tools like Unity3D and some other plugins, you can start churning out games at a very fast rate. Creating Impact If you've seen my previous game, Impact Jumper, you will now realise a recurring theme in my Unity3D games. This is because I am planning on releasing a few "Impact" series of games. Here are some screenshots of another one in the making: Flying through the air It looks like Golf! You can guess what game that is eh? There is another o

My First Unity3D Game Unleashed! - Impact Jumper!

And it is in 2D! LOL! Folks, check out my half cooked, too-early-to-release, Unity3D Physics based game - Impact Jumper .

Leadbolt, Airpush, SendDroid and Google Play

Hey folks, been away for a while. And now, here I am, back. Hope you missed me much. How has July been? Did Leadbolt live up to it's "promise" of improved revenues in July?

Jelly Bean and the demise of notification ads

Quite an interesting feature of the Jelly Bean iteration of Android is the ability to disable notification's from apps. Some developers been asking if this means the end of our revenue sources. Let's implement sound based ads! 

Leadbolt, Unity and the Hype!

An update on and from Leadbolt So, the last posting about Leadbolt's revenue dropping did get some attention from Leadbolt.

Is Leadbolt A Sinking Titanic?

Lately, a big issue has been bugging me. And bugging a great many of you developers too. Leadbolt's revenue dropping faster than you can say Led Zeppelin. It might have been a stairway to heaven previously, it surely seems like an escalator to hell right now. For those that are asking me about it, well, I did try getting some details about it. The bad part is the answers given really did not justify. Lets see.

Bullshit eCPMs and the Amazon Appstore

Firstly, the title of this post is for 2 separate items that I wanna share. Not that Amazon gives crappy eCPMs. Read on to find out.

Some App-ening News!

Too too tied down, and with the year almost half gone, hope everyone's monetizing of apps is doing wonderful. Quick take post today... 1 - Admob and that other adsomething - Google now allows the adwords people to directly send their ads into mobiles. Awesome eh? Well, I have seem a slight increase in revenue ever since this was announced. Could be due to the new month, or could be a direct effect. Who knows? 2 - Applovin - they've release their social tools. Unfortunately I could not get it to work with my B4A apps. No idea why. Anyone got success with it? What did you do? Their banners and interstitials though, have been going crazy in revenue, makes you wonder how can banner ads make such money? 3 - 900k - The number of new android devices activated daily. Awesome or what!!?? Close to a million new customers for us every day, and that is not considering the unofficial androids yet. Make the most of this. 4 - RevMob - I'll most likely be starting with ad

New Dimensions and Frontiers

Hey folks. How's it going? I have been using Basic4Android for a while now for my developments. I was one of the "pioneers" of users who bought the product even before it was released. Honestly, it was one of the best purchases of my life. It had worked out better than expected. I released a number of B4A libraries for monetisation, and I believe many have benefited from them. But, now it is time to move on.

App Release Strategy - New or Old?

I have been having a dilemma, I am planning to update some of my apps. More like a total re-do of the apps. With extra levels, and a number of extra features. The difference ts, that these new changes could be considered a total new app. The dilemma? To update my old apps (of which a couple already have over 100k downloads, and another one coming in soon to that range) , or to release as version 2 of the apps?

AppLovin and the Social Ads Evolution

Something really exciting is brewing in the AppLovin 's camp, and no, it ain't coffee! I went to the main AppLovin's site as usual to check on my daily earnings, and was surprised to the changed home screen. I went through the screens again to see what it was (I missed it the first time around as I was on a different tab in my browser). And WOAH! What an awesome awesome idea! AppLovin, the company that brought to us a more personal level of social ads, is doing the evolution magic yet again. This time, it would benefit the developers a whole lot more. Let's see.

CyberBounty Sign-Up Ads - Performance Review

Hi folks. Here is a look at Cyberbounty so far. The following is my performance from implementation in 4 apps. Lets see..

Location permission.. shall we?

After a busy week, we meet again! How are things going where you're at? Ad revenues are still not at the peak that they should be for me, looks like it is headed to a slower month for me this May. Hang on for updates on the Mobfox video ads and cyberbounty progress report coming up. Back to the topic of the day, I have been thinking about the location permissions, and how that will go for developers and users alike. Share your thoughts too.

A new address coming right up!

Hey folks, just a heads up! This blog is in transition. It is getting a new domain : Some parts of the blogs will be having issues accessing. Please be patient while this gets sorted out. In the mean time, feel free to hook up with me via Twitter and email at bill [at] mobiadage dot com [you know what to change]. Cheers! UPDATE - New domain should be up... you can access this site now with

Blog Exclusive - CyberBounty Ads for Basic4Android

And here is the 2nd library of the day. CyberBounty is a CPA ad network (after using Leadbolt , I am just addicted to CPA ad types!). It does not have ads in all countries, but most of the major ones (Read: USA) are covered. Most other sign up ad providers don't have coverage for very many countries too. Ad types for CyberBounty are sign-up ads mainly, I've only been running them for a couple of days in 1 app, so no feedback just yet (except that one of the sign ups generated $3 for 1 click!). Await my performance feedback further down the month if I still stick with them. Library is straight forward. Go to the Get SDK section of your dashboard and get the necessary numbers to use. Download the SDK from the dashboard too. Manifest: <activity android:name="com.cyberbounty.adapplib.ADScreen" android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard"></activity> Sign up with my referral link here , and get that feel good tingling

Blog Exclusive - InMobi Ads for Basic4Android

Ok, here is the first library of today. It is for InMobi. In recent days/weeks, InMobi has been very very active in the mobile advertising world. They are an India based ad agency if I am not mistaken, with presence in many places around the globe. The banner library has been available in B4A forum for a while now, but exclusive on this blog is a brand new version with full screen interstitial ads. I've got one of the regulars here, susu, to help test it out, and we both realised that there is a lack of inventory for it right now. Maybe other locations would have a better fill rate for it? >> Download Library << >> Download sample project << Do feedback if it works or not. And to susu.. thanks for helping out with the tests! Steps for fullscreen/interstitials: 1 - initialise 2 - LoadAd 3 - In event AdRequestCompleted, do ShowAd In Manifest: <!-- Mandatory activity declaration to show the Ad in the embedded browser --> <activit

A year down the app path!

Hello people (and zombies, I know there are zombies too!)! Well, April ended without too much of a slowdown as I thougt it was. I was down by about 5% compared to March. Not too bad, still much more than my day job! So, the recent week has seen some important events happen for my apps business. Here is the breakdown.

Mobile Apps - Release Strategy

Hey folks, and welcome to a brand new week. And the end of April. As the month comes to an end, I think it is a good time to reflect on stuff, on your apps, on your monetising strategy, and looking forward, whats the plan going into May? Although I mentioned that April was a slower month that previous ones, the last couple of days has seen a very good boost for my revenues from Leadbolt , AppBrain and AppLovin . Admob too to a certain extent. Now Airpush? Lets not get into that shall we? A while back, one of the regular visitors here, Bojan, asked about games release timing. Let's talk something about this. Hope we can get feedback and ideas from others too.

Blog Exclusive - Smaato Banner Ads for Basic4Android

Hi all, This blog, besides being a place for me to share experiences about the various mobile advertising implementations in my apps, it will also be a place where Basic4Android users can get some more useful stuff. To start it off, here is Smaato's banner ad library. I can't say much about their performance as I have not implemented their ads in my apps. But it is another option for all you B4A people! Also please note that I have not used it extensively. Ads are being shown, but I have not fully tested it. If you're using it, please do feedback. Use on your own risk! If you're not a B4A user, but have experience with them, please share your experiences too! >> Download << Stay tuned for more libraries! Cheers! -Bill

A slow April - Is mobile advertising dieing?

Hi, and welcome to a brand new post. How is your April doing? For me, and many other developers, April has been a slow month. My revenues have gone down a bit. Not so bad though, I'll get to that later.

AppBrain - Get smart, get rich!

Hi all. After an anger filled week with rubbish from Airpush being highlighted , lets move on to better news. Have you read my earlier posting on the Battle of the Walls ? Back then I recommended AppBrain as the best option for ad revenue from walls. Today, let me give you further updates in this.

Airpush - Even more reasons developers should stay away!

Hi all, My last posting of the Airpush's fake eCPM to attract developers has gotten quite an attention. That posting alone shot this blog's page views to above 300 in 1 day! A new record. Thanks for the support! Now, we could have used some feedback from Airpush, and finally there is some.

AppLovin Review - The journey so far..

Hi all. No motivation Wednesday episode yesterday, thought I'd give you a break :D Anyway, as promised (and delayed, as usual with most IT related work), here is the review of the 10 days of April with AppLovin's social mobile advertisements.

Millennial Media - B4A Library Revived

Hi people, A quick one... Those using Basic4Android, there is a new release of the Millennial Media library on the forums. It fixes the old version which stopped showing ads, and is now in a new thread here: MM Library for B4A Currently only supporting banner ads. Have fun! And do share your experiences with them if you have any. Cheers! -Bill

Airpush Review - Where is the Promised CPM?

Hi all! How are you doing? Pretty tensed episode here on Airpush, and my opinion to the fact that they aren't playing fair to their developers. Are you using Airpush? If you are, how's your CPM been doing? Ever since you started? And if you are not, and you are planning to use it, what is attracting you to it?

AppBrain Library Updated

A quick little update, the AppBrain library for Basic4Android is updated to version 1.1. It now has option to always show interstitial ads and is compliant with the manifest editor (B4A V1.8). Get the latest SDK from AppBrain's site and update to this latest wrapper library. Also, I've received the payment for March from AppBrain, it has been 2 months now that their payment term is at Net5! Awesomest! Cheers! -Bill

The effects on top of the charts

I was wondering why my Christian music app has been having wonderful download counts recently, beating my all time high download Classical Music app even. It has been for the past few days the top downloaded app (making over 900 downloads yesterday alone). Maybe, just maybe Easter is around, and more people are feeling a little holier-than-thou? Maybe it is the end of the world coming up? 2012? Anyone got any updates on that? Well, actually the app is sitting at a comfy 17th spot on the Top New Free Music & Audio apps chart in Google Play. Here is the screenie (it might be differently placed for different countries): And the downloads chart (from AppBrain): So there, thats the feeling of being somewhere near the top. Better enjoy it while it lasts! Amen! -Bill

Motivational Wednesday - Taking Chances

We all have our problems. For some it is financial, for others it could be health, time, an annoying neighbour. You see, when you don't take an action to rectify these problems, when you don't make yourself bigger than them, they will crush you!

AppLovin Ads - Social Advertising - Library out now!

Hello and welcome to a brand new week? How was March? My revenues were slightly lower in March compared to February (not by much though), mainly due to a drop in eCPM from Airpush. Have anyone of you had similar drop from Airpush? Innovation The Mobile Advertising industry is truly becoming innovative, and as has been said before, the number of ad agencies that are popping up is really astounding. I often get emails from various ad agencies asking me to integrate their ads into my apps. While these invitations are nice, I just do not have the need as of now to add in more ad networks. I am quite maxed out.

Motivational Wednesday - How is your dream doing?

Hi folks, it is Wednesday, and it the the M day... not Monday, it is Motivational Wednesday! Today we talk about your dream. About that vision you have when you're sleeping, when you're awake, when you're in the bus, in the elevator, in the loo!

Goodbyes, Hellos, the Ring, the Bar and Easter Eggs!

Hello folks! Been a while since I wrote some stuff here. Tough making time at times :D Thanks for all your visits and support, this blog has passed 10k page views, and often hitting more than 200 pageviews on a daily basis! Thanks again for the support! Hows your revenue been? Glad that Leadbolt's revenue is now back to normal after the hiccup recently.

Motivational Wednesday - Stronger than Ever!

Hello and welcome to a brand new day. It is Motivational Wednesday, and well, lets get motivated. Are you making money from your Android apps? Are you having some other stream of revenue besides your day job (assuming you're in a job)? Are you able to cope with the unexpected? Today's post is gonna highlight a bleak moment in mine and my family's life, and how my family and I came out of it, and how all the B4A folks are now benefiting from it!

A quick Airpush update and the Mental block

A quick Airpush update Folks, if you want to get paid by Airpush in the next billing cycle, I'd suggest you go to the payment page on Airpush, and there you will see a form which needs filling up. The WBEN-8 form is some taxation related detail that is required I believe by businesses running in the great ole US of A. Airpush runs from there, thus they need to inform Obama who is being paid how much out of the country. I am not sure if Airpush will halt payment if the forms aren't in, but why wait for the disappointment? Get that form filled up ASAP! A mental block There are times when I have so much to tell, but I just can't quite get a move on. That happens when you've had a truly awesomely boring meeting in the morning where you said zero freaking words (beside the greetings, of course, to back stabbers who will not even think twice of poking your back with a tooth pick!). And one such moment is right now (the mental block moment, not the stabbing moment). Ins

A Brand New Week, and The Leadbolt Yoyo!

It is a brand new week. A fresh start again, feeling all energized and pumped up to make the most of it, and hope you are too! Hows that for a motivational start? So, here is a look back at the previous week, looking at the coming week, and Leadbolt 's Yoyo (you've gotta read this part if you're using Leadbolt).

Unity3D - At no cost for a while!

This is a quick one (hey it is Sunday!). Thanks to Eric from , I was made known about the "FREE for a while" thingy that is on at Unity3D . Unity3D is an AWESOME tool for 3D games creation, with a model of the write-once-deploy-anywhere type. You can make superb 3D games with it, and make it into a stand alone Window's game, a web browser game, an iOS game, an Android game, and many other output options. Unity3D has been free for a while now for small Indie developers, but the iOS and Android add-on would knock you back $400 EACH. For now though, the add-ons are FREE! An amazing saving of $800! Well, I might be wrong, and I might have missed a T&C somewhere about the free, but what the heck. Go get it! Please be warned that games made with Unity3D will require at least an ArmV7 processor to run. If you don't have such a device, I'd suggest you still go get the free version for now. Who knows when you'd upgrade eh? Cheers! -Bill

A Look back at 2011 and Easter Apps!

Yes!! I have made it! I have posted at least once every weekday this week. Yeah yeah, I know the days shown on the blog is Sunday through Thursday. It was one day later for my side of the world anyway. So, the weekend is coming up, time to reflect on the week that was, the weekend that is to be, and the week that is coming. What are your plans? Need some ideas on what to do? Interestingly, it might also be a time to reflect on your mobile app advertising implementation strategy.

The Whip Trend, 20K Devs and the Ring.

Woot! My biggest download for yesterday came in the form of an app developed in less than 1 hour! Awesome! It is surprising how some simple stuff can take off. Similar results were unexpectedly brought on when i did the Todo app too (also developed and released in less than 1 hour!) Whip It! was downloaded about 550 times yesterday. It has moved up quite a number of places for search term "whip". Doing real awesome! Why did it do what it did?

Motivational Wednesday - Persistence

Hi all, and welcome to a brand new day! I was having my usual commute today to my "job" (can't wait to get rid of that from my life!), and I was reflecting on what this blog site has turned into.

Whip It! and the Big Bang Theory!

Hey folks! How are you doing? Hope you're having an awesome day so far. I was chatting with a fellow developer, when he showed me this video: Now, you will know from my blog here that i am an advocate (WOW! What a BIG word to use!) of simple apps? I decided to work this one out, and it took me less than 15 minutes of actual coding time to get it all working. Another 10 minutes to sort out the manifest file, the ads in it, and the graphic. And that's it! If you have not tried Basic4Android, give it a go. You will be amazed at the rate you can publish games and apps for Android! It is available for download here . Give it a go and have fun! Cheers! -Bill

App Wall - Implementation Strategy

There are a few App Wall implementation available for us, the Android developers. How is your's performing? How have you implemented the app wall? Which app wall are you using? After a while using the walls ( AppBrain 's and Leadbolt 's mainly), I might just have the answers to the above, the best wall to use and the best implementation strategy to monetise your Android apps well.

Paid vs Free Apps, another one bites the dust?

Have you ever wondered whether you should go the paid or the free route in the journey of your Android apps? Have you ever thought of the various models available for us in monetizing our apps? Which route have you chosen?

Totally random ramblings on Mobile Advertising!

Can you hear the ramblings? Welcome folks to another episode of my world famous mobile advertising blog! If some of you tried accessing the blog a couple of days ago, you might have seen a message stating that it is deleted or something. Well, it was. I deleted the blog. Kind of brought it to the afterlife!

MIA.. My Earnings Report!

For all you avid readers of this fantastic blog, I guess you must be wondering where my Android app earning reports are? Well, I have something else in mind.

SellARing, Sell your Soul, and the Press

I've been contributing to lots of money making strategies and libraries for the Basic4Android community, and as such, I have to take the libraries further by applying them into my apps. Things like these has its risks and dangers. No doubt, the feeling is still quite exciting.

Leadbolt's Rich Media Unlocker

How are your money making strategy progressing? I hope you're doing great. This month of February has been my highest earning month ever with Leadbolt . I've hit $100 a few days this month!

Pontiflex Sign Up Ads - Now available for B4A

A quick update, Pontiflex Library for Basic4Android is released here . Sign up ads are something that I have been waiting for from Leadbolt and Airpush, but they have delayed their release for so long :(  I hope Leadbolt will release theirs soon! Quite an OK revenue source actually this one. Just that their inventory is quite lacking, and does not cover many countries. But give them some time, and I am sure they'll be growing (and 2012 is gonna be THE year for mobile advertising!) Give the library a spin yo! Cheers! -Bill

Leadbolt - A Review!

There are a gazzilion of ad provider options you have out there. From the simple banner ad providers like Admob, to Offerwall providers like AppBrain and Everbadge. And then there is Leadbolt .

New Game : Block Drop

Hi all, I've released my new game Block Drop to the Android market. Could you please download the game and give it some stars and +1.. Thank you! There are many things planned for this game, but I thought I'd release it to see how it goes before I spend too much time on the other features. Will be a tough one to market this fella. Enjoy the screenies: Cheers! -Bill

A new non-SDK required AppWall - Everbadge - Review

Hey all, I just stumbled upon Everbadge . They are a rather new ad option of you're looking at implementing offer or app walls into your apps. The ads can be implemented for Android, iPhone, Mobile Web or Windows Phone.

No Just-In List for Android Market? No Problem!

Further proof that Just-In list is not needed I was wondering how things have gone after the just-in list went missing from Android market apps. Well, for sure my revenue has gone up, and for sure my downloads have had great boosts. Here I am showing further proof why you do not need the Just-In list. Check out the graphs below. They are my Active Installs as reported by the Android Market. (NOTE: This is just the active installs, not the downloads.) Check it out, the graphs show some jaggyness on the left end. These are the times I released an update to the market, and my app got listed in the Just-In section, which provided sudden download boosts. Towards the right side, is the market movement currently, most show a smooth upwards move. Even a game with no major keywords to it has gotten a boost: And the below are a couple of my apps released recently after the just-in list... they had slowness initially, and then a sudden boost for many many days!

Basic4Android Promo Video

Basic4Android released a promotional video... looks awesome with some good feature highlighted in the video... and the best part is a little of me is visible in the video! Can you spot it? Cheers! -Bill

Polyclef - The fall of a role model!

We all have our heroes, our role models, people (or organisations) we look up to. They motivate us, they give us that push. They tell us, "If I can do it, so can you!" What happens then, when a hero falls? A role model crashes right in front of you? Lets have a look at what went wrong with Polyclef, and how we can avoid such a thing happening.

Refresh - update your apps!

Have you updated your apps lately? Do you know what updates you need in your app before you publish it to the market?

New app - Country Music

Hey folks, a quickie. I've just released a country music app onto the market. Give it a spin if you're into country music.. Thanks for the support!

The Super Bowl Weekend Update and Valentines!

A quick little check - Super Bowl weekend So, how did it go for you over the weekend? Did you release an app related to the Super Bowl?

The Music, the Bowl and the Icon..

A few stuff to look out for this weekend. Well, at least a few for me, and at least one for you!

Ideas, and then some...

Sometimes we just face a brick wall. No matter how hard you try, you just cant think of an idea to build your app for. And with no idea, there is no app. And with no app, there is no money... aww! You poor puppy!

Announcement: Metal Music Player

Hi, a quick one... I've just released a new music app on the market for Heavy Metal fans.. Please download it and give it a spin... I am actually surprised at the quality of music these unsigned artists produce! Note: if you do not want the notification ads to show, click the menu button and uncheck the option.. Cheers! -Bill

Why you should Stay Small making Android apps..

If you're reading this blog here, then it is highly likely that you're not a big time app developer or owner of a big games or app company. I am pretty sure that Rovio wont be spending their time reading my blog (hey, if you're from Rovio, say aloha!). Chances are, you're like me, a small time app developer. To us, I say, stay small.

A quick update

The Update Last week I added notification ads to classical radio app. The returns has been pretty awesome. (Check out Leadbolt for solid notification ads) It has been my largest money maker for most of the days, and has been consistently among the top 3 money makers for me. I have now added sign up ads via Pontiflex into it. And that has yielded another revenue stream from the app. Whats interesting though, is that the notification ads have not received negative feedback. The app has gained a few 4 and 5 star ratings, and a number of Google +1. So, maybe, just maybe.... the opt-in method probably works fine. And the download increase has been awesome too, check this out (copied from the android market): Whats next?  I am wondering, what if I, periodically, change the notification icons from the on-demand type it is now, to say a recurring one, maybe about once a week. That would show more ads to all that have my app. And maybe after 24 or 48 hours, change it ba

Notification Ads - Opt In Implementation - Update Day 1

The implementation of the notification ad with an opt-in model has been surprisingly good... so far!

Notification Ads - Opt In Implementation

I have just updated my Classical Radio app with Leadbolt notification ads opt in added in. This app has has a very beautiful growth since launch. Check it out!

The money making season

The 5th Season The world is a beautiful place. With the passing of days and weeks and months, so too the seasons change. Now, there is a great opportunity in making money from the seasons from your Android apps, and I am not talkling about a weather app.

The quest for a better UX - the backgrounds.

The background Good looks go a long way in getting downloads for your apps. I'm a fan of looking out for beautiful app designs. I've looked at so many apps, gotten so much inspiration, but have yet to achieve anything that I can be proud of. Blame genetics if you must. I am a developer, and although I play the guitar and love music and beautiful art and images (even tried photography once), I suck in the design area. I can give an idea, a design, but cant execute it. I'm a coder damnit!

Make money with ads - in and out of apps!

The Big Bang The universe started last May, when I started releasing apps with ads in them. I've made progress overall in my money making venture, and yes, the journey has been pretty eye opening. Imagine, jumping from making about $500 per month, to suddenly up to $2000? Not a gradual increase, but an instant jump! I'll share ideas on how you can use ads to monetise your apps, whats best way to implement the ads, the options and the drawbacks.

Reasons my Android app failed, and yours might too! - but I'm not down!

The shake in the knees Understanding the weakness that your app or game has is vital. It helps you build better app, improve your existing app, plus a few other things which I'll cover here. I release my highly successful app, Photo Story Camera FX app on the market, and it was such a runaway success, you really gotta download it!

Burnout - When you stop Makin Money with Android!

Flames of passion Whether you've started making money with your Android device, or you're planning to make money with Android (that's why you're here aren't you?), there is one danger you need to be vary of - Burnout. Many developers have had this. They make a new app or game, successful or not, they stop updating their apps, stop releasing new apps, and just plain stop. Why does this happen?

The challenge of non-intrusive ads

How would you go about monetizing your Android app? Banners, interstitial, notification ads are a few ideas. They're fine most of the time. But what if you do not want user experience interrupted in using your app? This has been something I have had to plan for my upcoming app, Photo Story Camera FX .

2012 and a new direction!

Mad Elephant Studios is taking a new turn this year. We are going to go more main-stream. Focus will be to more useful apps and utilities. With this, the revenue from our Android Apps would hopefully be given much needed boost. This shift will bring Mad Elephant Studios to a whole new level. Whats in store?

Tip : Improve Feedback Of Your Apps and Games!

How does good ratings for your Android game or app get you more money? Well, the ratings KIND-OF help in giving your app a higher attraction from the user, and a slightly better market ranking. How do you improve the rating?

Mobile Advertising - Understanding CPA

Not making money from your Android apps after moving to a CPA ad network? A lot of people have an issue when they transition from a pay-per-click (CPC) ad type to a pay-per-action (CPA) ad type. I too have been in the same boat, and have since taken a life vest and jumped off of that boat. This article hopes to clear up a little for those who are making the move from CPC to CPA. Take the life jacket, jump in, the water is warm enough, I have a feeling you'll enjoy the waves better. Lets read on...

Battle of the Walls - AppBrain vs Leadbolt!

The ultimate showdown that you've been waiting for. Which wall would stand the fight! Allright, enough drama!  Offer Walls or App Walls (or whatever walls) is a way of displaying offers or apps to the user in your app. The walls here could list a few items, thus giving the users exposure to more than 1 advertised product in 1 glance. This way there is a higher exposure to "ads" than say a normal banner in an app could show you. I have used 2 of these walls in my apps, one from Leadbolt , and another from AppBrain (yes, I was suprised when I found out that they had advertising too!). I had option to use the AppBrain SDK before the Leadbolt's wall option was made available.

Tip: The great idea, and a niche!

You're Brilliant! Having an amazing idea for an app is fun! You're going through your daily life, and you realise hey, you should make a todo app to help you list out all the stuff you wanna do. Thats awesome. You're not gonna make much money with that though. Not with android, and not unless you're lucky (pretty confusing statements there).

A recap - December Revenue

My money making with android ads journey was superb! December has really been an awesome month! The highest earnings ever I've received, with Leadbolt providing the bigger share! Airpush remained as it was, and admob picked up a lot! I believe with santa out of the picture now, its gonna go down back to how it was before december. I am still depending very much on leadbolt to drive my revenue. Their app wall hasnt been giving good return to me. I will try some new implementation strategy for that. My faith in them is strong! Will share the tips and report how it goes soon... hang in there! Cheers! -Bill