Battle of the Walls - AppBrain vs Leadbolt!

The ultimate showdown that you've been waiting for.

Which wall would stand the fight!

Allright, enough drama! 

Offer Walls or App Walls (or whatever walls) is a way of displaying offers or apps to the user in your app. The walls here could list a few items, thus giving the users exposure to more than 1 advertised product in 1 glance. This way there is a higher exposure to "ads" than say a normal banner in an app could show you.

I have used 2 of these walls in my apps, one from Leadbolt, and another from AppBrain (yes, I was suprised when I found out that they had advertising too!).

I had option to use the AppBrain SDK before the Leadbolt's wall option was made available.


For AppBrain, since I use Basic4Android to develop my apps, it required a wrapper library to be developed. I managed to write the wrapper up in a very short time (impressive I tell you, since I am no Java coder!). The integration process into B4A apps was super easy.

I was in constant communication with Uwe Maurer from AppBrain. I was suprised to find out that he was one of the co-founders of AppBrain! His support has been really good.

For Leadbolt, no SDK integration was required. All you needed to do was either add a webview in your app and load the given URL or launch the default browser with the URL. Implementation was a piece of brownie (not a fan of cakes...), and as always, the support from the AM is superb.

What matters.. show me the Money $$$

Well, it all comes down to the money you'll make off of your android app.

For me, AppBrain's implementation has so far outshone Leadbolt in the battle of the walls. The difference is HUGE!

For comparison sake, I implemented the walls into one of my most downloaded app, Volleyball Tapp!

After testing for about a week, Leadbolt generated less than $1 from the wall. I decided to move back to AppBrain for this game.

In contrast, on the first day of the wall update release, AppBrain generated over $4 from that one game alone!

On daily basis I have been getting between $1.xx to $2.xx from AppBrain. It has gone below $1 for the past couple of days, but this is expected as after the holiday season, advertisers budget goes down too (having same effect across all ad options).


As off now, AppBrain rules the wall. I still have much faith in Leadbolt, and I am guessing as they get more advertisers and more interesting ads, the revenue from their wall implementation will improve too.

AppBrain is in the midst of improving their reporting screens (according to Uwe), so hope we can get better reporting tools from them soon.

As for Leadbolts ads, I am going to try showing the wall automatically everytime a user quits the app (previously it prompted the users if they'd like to see the offers and the users had option to say "no"). Lets see how that performs.

Do let me know if the walls have been doing fine for you, and how your revenue difference from them has been. Also what is your strategy in implementing the wall?

Cheers! - Dont be humpty dumpty!



  1. This is great, very inspiring. Do you know how many impressions were shown? (appBrain) How many active users you have and how many sessions were initiated?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by, I am travelling for the weekend, will post some basic stats up, last 7 days stats of the Volleyball game:

    clicks: 176
    installs: 40
    revenue : $6.76

    This is considered a low week as it is the after holiday period.

    Hope that helps.


    - Bill

  3. Tnx, cost per install is around 17 cents, I can not conclusion a lot because it depends on CTR. If CTR is 1% (the worste case) then there was around 17 000 impressions and eCPM is then only around 0.4 dollars same as AdMob and others. I want to check their claim that you can achive 2 - 4 dollars for 1000 impressions (eCPM ofcourse).

  4. I just checked on the active users, on daily basis it is around 800 - 900 active users. New installs is at 3xx - 5xx range.

    The ads are not always shown in my case. Not for each user. As it is appbrains requirement that you prompt the users if they would like to see the wall, and only then show them.

    So I guess that not all users are shown the wall. Their reporting still requires lots of improvements.

    Plus, after all this time of using ads from various advertisers, I have stopped believing their claims. MobFox claimed to give 3 times more than their competitors, I get an eCPM of about 50% of that of admob.

    Still, if you're planning to show walls, I'd advice with appbrain's. They also provide lots of useful stats in their dashboard! I especially like to see what keywords were used to search for my apps.



  5. Understand, they do not show how many times the application offered a wall to the user so you can not count exact eCPM. And what CTR you have with Leadbolt app wall?

  6. Sorry, I read article again and you already wrote about their app wall.

    Tnx again for these reports.

  7. Hey Bill

    You are also using Mobfox in Volleyball Tapp , How much ecpm are you getting using it and what is the fill rate....
    P.S your game is addictive :)

    1. Hi dps,

      Thanks for the comment and the rating of the game :)

      Mobfox eCPM is in the range of 0.20 to 0.60... quite low really. You should try MillenialMedia if you are looking at a better banner ad. They have eCPM around the $1 range, but I have not used them for a long time as I gave up with their site performance (slow loading!)

      I cant see the fill rate from the reporting tool for Mobfox I'm afraid.

      Hope that helps!


  8. thanx for the advice, i m going ahead with millenial media :)

  9. Hi Bill,

    I was wondering what your experiences are with payment from AppBrain, I have earned in excess of $1000 in the month of June with AppBrain and was wondering how long it takes to receive payment from them in to my PayPal account. There site says it takes on average of 7 days to finalize payment but can take up to 60 days, do you find that 7 days is the norm?

    Love the information on this site by the way, keep it up! :)

  10. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    AppBrain has always processed payment for me before the 7th of the month. Except for Jan and Feb, which took them a couple of weeks. But that was coz they were still new and all the setup and stuff was taking place.

    You will need to log into your earnings page, and request for payment to be sent to your paypal though. Otherwise your money sits on AppBrain. It takes minutes for the money to reach paypal from the moment you request the payout.

    Hope that helps.


  11. Check out this new Android Game, Pass it on if you like it!

  12. Ive Seen alot of advertisment on this app "Movies & Music Free" seems alright.. apparently they have also added tv shows...
    Try it out


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