Burnout - When you stop Makin Money with Android!

Flames of passion

Whether you've started making money with your Android device, or you're planning to make money with Android (that's why you're here aren't you?), there is one danger you need to be vary of - Burnout.

Many developers have had this. They make a new app or game, successful or not, they stop updating their apps, stop releasing new apps, and just plain stop.

Why does this happen?

The spark that lights the fire

There are a few reasons for this:

1 - You're not making money

When you don't make money from your apps and games, it is very easy to get demotivated. This is one major reason for developer burnout. You struggle many days (some even on for months!) developing an app, and upon release you hardly cover the expenses of your own, let alone make any profits from the app. This is one reason why I decided to stay small, and make simple and un-complex apps and games. My upcoming Photo Story Camera FX app might be my most ambitious one till date, but I am going to release it with 1 week from the start of development (follow my development story here).

2 - You're making too many updates

It was fun back then, during the "Just-In Marketing" days to make updates and release an update about a week from the previous update release. This got your app in the Just In list of the Android market, which gave your apps much boost on downloads. Many developers (myself included) released many updates on weekly basis (imagine having to update more than 20 of your apps in 1 week, every week!) You end up getting tired, and then you stop updating, or just give up, thinking the effort is not worth it.

3 - You're out of ideas

It started off great, you had the awesomest idea in the world! You make the app, and BANG! There is no way to go. Nothing to update it with, nothing to do with the app anymore, and your brain is so stuck you cant get any idea to start a new app.

4 - You're making too much money (shocker!)

Well, you could be making more than you'd thought from your apps, and at times you just feel this is not challenging anymore. Your flame of app passion gets burnt-out! Seriously, this almost happened to me! Not that I am making a lot of money, but I just felt, at times, that there isn't anymore challenge to it.

Preventing the ashes from forming

I've at one point or another almost be victim of all the above. How did I, and how can you, overcome such a situation?

Here are a few ideas that I've applied, and it has kept my sanity:

1 - Make another app

Sometimes all that you need is a new start. Give ou current app or game a break. Start a new app or game from scratch. I guess thats how I ended up with over 25 apps of my own (quite a number are still in "development"). Check out ProgrammableWeb for some ideas of an app to develop!

2 - Do charity

Online or offline, you can do charity. It will kind of refreshen your mind, plus the feel-good factor and karma will do you much good. I released 2 of my math games for free for a school, by removing all ads and such, and making the game tablet compatible. It really was good!

3 - Release a free app with no ads

What??? Make an app and not look at getting money off of it???? OK OK... look at it this way. You make an app for free, and make it good, people are going to want to try out your other apps (remember to promote your own apps in the free app though!). Basically if you're good enough, people will try out your other stuff.

4 - Work on a blog

This is what I am doing now (though I am not working on "A" blog now. I've started my second, and am about to launch a 3rd and 4th one!) This has actually given me more aim, and more structure in how I am going about with my Android development. It has also, suprisingly, gotten the attention of some other advertiser agencies that I have not used or implemented so far. It is good when there are other ad agencies that contact you and ask you to try their product. The past 2 days, I received e-mails from 3 ad agencies. Hopefully the reach of the blog will go even further and get more noticed :D Plus writing is fun, and it takes your mind away from coding for a while!

5 - Just take a break

No, seriously, you need this. Thus the reason I went to bed early at 11 pm last night, and did not touch my laptop at all after work hours!

Are you having a burnout? How are you coping with this?

Till the next post!




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