The challenge of non-intrusive ads

How would you go about monetizing your Android app? Banners, interstitial, notification ads are a few ideas.

They're fine most of the time. But what if you do not want user experience interrupted in using your app?

This has been something I have had to plan for my upcoming app, Photo Story Camera FX.

The limitations.

Making a camera app would really require some good screen real-estate. I have an HVGA device, and I understand when 50 pixels of height are taken up for banner ads.

In my camera app, no banner ads would be used, as I need to make the most of the precious screen realestate.

The solution.

Here is the current plan. When the user runs the app for the first time, a wizard-like series of screens will be shown.

  • First a welcome and a thank you screen
  • Second a 'Support the Developer' screen
  • Third and sign-up ads that I can get to work


The welcome and Thank you screen is good in creating a "communication" feel with the user. When I run an app for the first time and see such messages, it gives me the impression that the developer appreciates that we took the time to try out their app. I hope the same comes out of the camera app too.

A support the developer screen will tell the users that the app is free because it is sponsored by advertisers. I am planning to place a checkbox at the bottom to indicate the user's agreement to allow usage of notification ads (only once during app run, and no recurring, this is in experimentation). The user can turn this on and off from the menu screen later on too.

The third screen is an new ad type that I am planning to use. The sign-up ads from leadbolt are still not here, and airpush too has delayed theirs. There are a few other options that I am looking at, and hope the wrapper libraries can be made for these. How often this will show is still in planning, trying to work out the best possible option for users and myself.

Lets see how this goes then.




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