Make money with ads - in and out of apps!

The Big Bang

The universe started last May, when I started releasing apps with ads in them. I've made progress overall in my money making venture, and yes, the journey has been pretty eye opening.

Imagine, jumping from making about $500 per month, to suddenly up to $2000? Not a gradual increase, but an instant jump!

I'll share ideas on how you can use ads to monetise your apps, whats best way to implement the ads, the options and the drawbacks.

What Steve said.

No, not Steve Jobs (he has said many great things too...). I am referring to Steve Pavlina. I hope you would go read his blog at times, it has a lot of useful and self building info you will surely benefit off of.

In his blog entry "How To Make Money From Your Blog", one part really stood out to me:

Your greatest risk isn’t that you’ll make mistakes that will cost you.  Your greatest risk is that you’ll miss opportunities.  You need an entrepreneurial mindset, not an employee mindset.  Don’t be too concerned with the risk of loss — be more concerned with the risk of missed gains.

The above can be related to any types of entrepreneurial venture you're getting into. Be it a new blog you're setting up, creating a new affiliate ad website or even making apps.

Think like an entrepreneur, and you will gain much success.

What I say.

Well, if you're gonna make money from you android apps via advertising, I say go all out! There are a few stages of advertising for the life cycle of an app. Remember to monetize at every stage. Lets see the stages, and how you can monetize all of them.

1 - At the market
Now, a good car salesperson will be able to sell you the car, and at the same time get you to buy insurance, upgrade your tyres and buy an air freshener for your new car at the same time. That salesperson wont be with you when you leave the shop, he has to make sure he makes the sale and all the extra sales while you're still in the showroom. Apply the same concept to your apps. When a user visits your app page on the market, after your description of your app, you could place links to your blogs or to your other apps, especially if they are related. This will hopefully get the buyers interested in downloading more of your apps.

2 - On app start
There are 2 good options for app start. When the user launches your app, show a content unlocker that the user can click or choose to skip. Check out Leadbolt's content unlockers if you have not. The other option is to use one of the sign up ads. This method is not available yet for Basic4Android, but I am working on getting it operational for B4A, plus leadbolt and airpush are also coming out with theirs soon. This option has the opportunity to give you a revenue option off from the start.

3 - During app usage.
Banner and interstitial ads are best here. Banners allow users to click them to check out new offers. Interstitial ads are usually more suitable for games, and should be placed in between levels. You can also use content unlockers and unlock your game or app. For a game, maybe you can use content unlockers once the user has completed stage 9 out of a 10 stage game (they wont mind unlocking to get to that last stage). Or if your app has an "advance" feature, you could use content unlockers to give access to users who kind-of "pay" for the advance feature. I also have a habit of calling for notification ads during my app usage, this way, when the user is done with your game or app, when they quit, they'd see the ad, and might click to check it out. Plus if the user does not like your app, and is going to uninstall it right away, the notification ad MIGHT just get you that last bit of revenue from the user.

4 - At app exit
This is probably one very useful option for money making. On exit, you have a few ways you can go about. Show offerwalls (from AppBrain or Leadbolt), show an ad of your own app (helps boost other app downloads), show a ad with a close button, but the close button should have a timer, and gets enabled after 6 seconds for example. This gives the user the most time to look at ads, and should give them more time to interact with the ad.

5 - At all other times
Notification ads! Enough said...

The drawbacks.

Of all the ad formats, notification ads has often received negative feedback. You can read my post on how best to implement notification ads here.

Content unlockers could turn off your users too. Make sure to use it on something the user will really want, and especially when their interest is at the highest (like the final stage of your game).

Banner ads, app walls and interstitials are pretty well accepted, and have not had much issues with users.

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You're here reading this because you're interested in making money off of your android apps. You should really get all out to make that money. There is opportunity out there!

Happy money making to you!



  1. Love your blog, really interesting info. Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Glad that the info useful :D

  3. Great writeup! I want to use the leadbolt content unlocker somewhere in my app, but I haven't decided where to best put it.

  4. Hi Wes,

    Thanks for dropping by! Interesting blog you've got going there too :D Wish you much success!

    Content unlockers, to get the best conversion rate, should be placed at a point a user is highly excited with your app.

    Good luck!


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