The money making season

The 5th Season

The world is a beautiful place. With the passing of days and weeks and months, so too the seasons change. Now, there is a great opportunity in making money from the seasons from your Android apps, and I am not talkling about a weather app.

Sure, weather apps are one of the most downloaded apps (hey, if you're out of ideas, make a weather app!). Sure that Season's Zen live wallpaper or something is one helluva live wallpaper. What I am talking about is actually seasonal app releases.

The 2 paths

There are 2 types of seasonal paths you can take. One is to release special apps and updates basing on the calendar dates, and another is before a major event. This can give you good boosts in downloads during these times.

I have had 2 apps that went into the trending lists because of these seasons. One was my tennis ball juggling game. I released an update, and was shocked at the super high download it had after the update. I did not know that the US Open or something was on that weekend, and my release was purely co-incidential!

The other app was one released for the halloween month. It was a re-skin of my starscape game ( changed the characters from a star to pumpkins :D ). I did not realise it was in the trending list till I saw the distimo report on it.

So releasing an app or an update during seasonal events can be quite fruitful for your download count.

What seasons to look for?

Well, the major up-coming ones would be Valentine (hey it is nearby already!), then there is the Euro 2012 football tournament, the presidential election 2012 and also the great olympics of 2012.

Make an app for each of the events above, and with some good marketing skills and a little bit of luck, you can get a bunch of downloads. You can even make 1 app each for all the different sports in the olympics!

Good luck!



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