A recap - December Revenue

My money making with android ads journey was superb! December has really been an awesome month! The highest earnings ever I've received, with Leadbolt providing the bigger share!

Airpush remained as it was, and admob picked up a lot!

I believe with santa out of the picture now, its gonna go down back to how it was before december. I am still depending very much on leadbolt to drive my revenue.

Their app wall hasnt been giving good return to me. I will try some new implementation strategy for that. My faith in them is strong!

Will share the tips and report how it goes soon... hang in there!




  1. Can you share your experience with AppBrain SDK, is it worth? You dont list them here.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by. I will write a match up between the walls of Leadbolt against AppBrain soon (probably within the next day or two).

    In short, AppBrain -> Worth it!



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