Tip : Improve Feedback Of Your Apps and Games!

How does good ratings for your Android game or app get you more money? Well, the ratings KIND-OF help in giving your app a higher attraction from the user, and a slightly better market ranking.

How do you improve the rating?

From the start, I have had a button on my game main menu to rate the app. This was useful in getting feedback from users.

The problem really was that after a while you realise the feedback was mostly negative.

Why the negativity?

Well, here is the case from my understanding.

  1. - A user downloads your game or app, very excited! Lets say, for example, my Football Soccer Juggle game.
  2. - User starts the game, and plays.
  3. - User realizes the game is a juggling game, and not a football game (duh! read the title and description next time!)
  4. - User gets pissed, clicks the "Rate Me" button, and gives a 1 star rating with some nasty remarks in the Android Market.

The rating above, well, what can you say? It is useful if you have not told the users the truth. But if you have already mentioned the facts in your description, then you really cant help it.

Overcoming the negativity.

Well, here are some little secrets I have learnt.

  1.  - Users who like your game are not gonna immediately rate it. Even if your game is just OK. (Excellent games do often get ratings fast)
  2.  - User who are not happy with your game ARE most likely gonna submit a rating (heck you made it easy with giving the "rate me" button, really digging your grave there!)
  3.  - users who like your game, MIGHT play it a second time, and a third time (after some time, even angry birds wont be able to get me back into the game)
  4.  - when a user plays your games a few time, you know they like it enough, these are the fishes you need to hook!

The plan.

Well, here is what I did. I made my "Rate Me" button hidden when the user plays the game the first time. I then keep track of how many times the user has started my game.

Once a user has played it 3 times, when they start the game for the 4th time, I show a prompt, saying stuff like "we hope you're enjoying playing our game, could you please rate this game and leave a remark on the android market to further improve the game's future development?".

Provide a button to "Rate Now", which brings the user to your game or app page on the market, and another button which says "Maybe later".

As simple as that, and I have managed to lessen down the 1 star reviews (there will still be some grumpy people giving 1 star I tell you!), and very often it is 5 or 4 stars that I get.

After that prompt, I make the "Rate Me" button on the main menu visible everytime they run the game and don't show a prompt anymore. This is for those who would want to rate at a later time.

How many runs before you ask the users to rate your app or game, is up to you. Try to understand your apps life. How long will users use it? Would they re-run it later? An app like a fart app might only get 1 run from the user, whereas an app like a to-do list will last much longer with the user.

Hope the above steps help you in getting better ratings and reviews of your apps!

Cheers ***** !



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