Why you should Stay Small making Android apps..

If you're reading this blog here, then it is highly likely that you're not a big time app developer or owner of a big games or app company. I am pretty sure that Rovio wont be spending their time reading my blog (hey, if you're from Rovio, say aloha!). Chances are, you're like me, a small time app developer.

To us, I say, stay small.

Little Gods!

Have you read the book Little Gods by Terry Pratchet? He is an awesome author I tell you. Go give his books a read.

Back to topic, stay small, aim big. You're most likely a small time developer doing this Android thingy as a hobby or a side project. You could be a full-time student or having a day job (like me). You will find it tough if you're aiming for the sky.

The definition

What do I mean by staying small?

Basically keep your projects simple. They should be simple and do-able by yourself, without burning yourself out.

Instead of making a whole PIM app, break it down to :

1 - a simple calendar app, where you add, view, update and delete entries to the Android calendar
2 - a todo app , simple one, maybe add a reminder if you need to
3 - a notes app, where you can write short notes to yourself, and get them organised

The same goes to when you're developing games. Now, lets look at Angry Birds (awesome game)... It is really gonna be tough to make another game like that. You could make one exactly the same, and call it Kamikaze Flying Creatures! But the effort in producing this is gonna be tremendous, and it gets very tough for a 1-person army to pull off.

There have been many cases that games have brought tremendous success to an individual developer, yet, there are no failure stories. Believe me, there are many! It is just that when a developer fails, they don't write their failure story. It is always the success stories you hear.


There are a few reasons really that you should avoid taking a huge project:

1 - Too difficult, you might burn out, wasting lots of effort, where you could have released a few smaller apps instead
2 - No guarantee of success, after all that effort, if nothing materialises, you might be devastated
3 - It could cost you money which could be better spent, for example if you end up spending on external developers or artists or even on marketing, the results are not guaranteed
4 - There is the issue of lack of time and other commitments to attend do, family and friends, and chores.
5 - There IS a huge market out there for the simple stuff. Not every Android user is tech savvy, give them some simple way of doing simple tasks, and you'll get a lot of happy users!

Dont listen to me...

.. when you have that dream, of making your super game. Really, go out there and make that game or app! There are many people out there who can help you. Ask for support, be nice, people will surely lend a hand and help to promote your app or game (provided it is promote-able). Let me know too, wont mind giving a mention to your game on these posts here (again no guarantee on success, this blog is just starting off..)

May you be successful and make tonnes of money...



PS - The PIM project idea above would have given you 3 apps to release to the market instead of only 1, giving you a higher chance of hitting one nail right in the head (of thy neighbour!)...


  1. I totally agree with you. Stay small keep us more creative and less pressure. I used to spend 3 days for making new app from scratch. After published to the Market I hang out with friends, relax with movies... and watch the money grow. I think no hard working coder can work like that :D

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    1. Thank you.. just sharing my experiences :)


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