Leadbolt - A Review!

There are a gazzilion of ad provider options you have out there. From the simple banner ad providers like Admob, to Offerwall providers like AppBrain and Everbadge. And then there is Leadbolt.

Note: the Fairy tale below has ended.. read here.

A league of winners.

I do wonder at times, if from the way I write my reviews and praises for Leadbolt, does anyone actually wonder if I am working for Leadbolt? LOL! I am not employed by Leadbolt or hired by them for anything, if I were, I would not be giving out affiliate sign up links. And I wont be saying how some of their ad formats are not working for me. And I wont have released all the other ad libraries on B4A forums.

Back to the story, Leadbolt is truly in a league of its own. They rule in so many ways, that if you are not using them already, what are you waiting for? Oh! Right, you were waiting for this review!

Why would you choose Leadbolt? Whats so great about them over other ad networks? There are numerous reasons, I'll go through what I believe are very positive reasons for using them.

They Care

Yes, they care. They care about you as a developer, and they care about their advertisers. Now, Admob cares too, but I don't think the care is good when they block accounts without any way of contacting them to sort things out.

Leadbolt is different. They are contact-able. They have people who respond to you with real answers, and not just some generic answers. So go on, user their ads in your app, don't worry. If something goes wrong, contact your AM (remember, they are humans too, so chat them up nicely!).

Options Galore!

Options, the number of ad types available from Leadbolt is simply astounding! Banner, unlockers, full screen ads, app walls, notifications and icon ads. And coming soon are their sign up ads. The options are so many, that you really can find one which would suit your app.

Are you looking for banner ad types?

Or do you have no screen real estate for banners? Then use one of the interstitials!

Want to make some unlockable contents and game levels? Use their unlockers!

Its really awesome, explore it!

Greater Control

Now, I am a huge lover of notification ads. And Leadbolt's notification ads give you so much more control, that it is such a pleasure to add those extra coding lines to implement them! (It is only 4 lines of code to implement in B4A, and 1 line in the manifest file for notification ads!)

I can have a notification ad on-demand, recurring after X hours or during device boot up! And they almost always have ads to show! Thats really important, for you to get a good fill rate which in turn becomes a good revenue rate too! Airpush for example, does not always send out an ad.

Support for B4A

Leadbolt is perhaps the only ad network that has made their own libraries for B4A. And for that reason alone, you should already know their dedication towards developers.

There have been a few issues with the libraries (mainly missing files), and working with their support people, the issues were resolved in no time. This commitment from Leadbolt towards their developers is something that we can appreciate, so get the ads in!

Payment Scheduling

I love it that every month, by the 16th or 17th, I feel RICH! Yes, the money from Leadbolt arrives in my bank account wire transferred with NEVER once an issue. Ive received constant payments from Leadbolt since November when I got my October revenue.

Performance proven - Developer's share

If all the above have not made you to sign up for Leadbolt.. then this should!

When Leadbolt say they give a high payout for developers, THEY MEAN IT! I've just crossed the $100 mark from Leadbolt in 1 day (  on Valentine's day! A love message from Leadbolt perhaps? :D  ), it was $100.02 to be exact. And today, I have broken the high again, and it is at $100.22 as of this writing (with about 20 minutes to go before the day ends). Update: Day ends at $101.45!

In comparison, it is less than $40 with Airpush (Leadbolt is almost 100% from notifications).

It is proven, their payout is super excellent, my revenue month over month has been growing with Leadbolt. Their ads work, they give you a good share of the revenue too.

Wait No More

If you havent, sign up now! You will make some really good money ( some countries have no ads I'm afraid, but that is a very rare case ). Give it a go, and let me know how it goes.

Ask me here or in the B4A forum any queries you have, and I will try my best to help!



PS - Check out my tips on best implementation strategy of Leadbolt's notification ads here!


  1. Is Leadbolt App Wall need to approval(like AppBrain) ?


    1. Hi,

      You need approval when you create your app on Leadbolt. Each Ad unit does not need approval if you are using Leadbolt's standard ad setup.

      So once your app is approved, you can add appwall without requiring further approval from Leadbolt.

  2. I tried Leadbolt's notification ads but it never worked. I don't know why because there're requests from my app. Maybe there's no ads for my country?
    After I read your review, I'm pretty sure will try it again (who don't want $100/day huh?). Thank you so much!

    1. Hi susu,

      Before you spend your effort in coding this in, I'd suggest you contact your AM in Leadbolt. Ask him/her if the other ad formats have inventory for your country.

      I'd suggest you give one of the full screen ads a try, I just implemented it yesterday into an app, looks good, will give some write up if it keeps good performance ;)


  3. How much money you get from the app wall (LeadBolt)?
    Notifications might work for you but generally they cause a lot of hate so much more interesting to hear how much income you have from the their wall?

    1. Hi,

      Their walls are really not performing well for me :( I need to further experiment on how I can best display the wall offers. Will do it some time soon...

      But if you're thinking of using an AppWall approach, I'd recommend AppBrain's... a better return for me..


    2. Oh, another thing... their notifications are in many of my apps... and I have not gotten as many negative remarks on it.

      It is all in the implementation strategy and how you handle the users.


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  5. Hey Bill,

    Have you considered any other ad networks? I work for TapIt! and we're always looking to build up our inventory, we offer a great level of customer support. We offer some great features like day parting, various targeting options, frequency capping, tap to call/map/etc., and HTML5/rich media support. Check out our platform at tapit.com or shoot us an e-mail if you're interested in finding out more!


    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for dropping by. I have looked at TapIt! about a week ago, and am in the midst of preparing a wrapper library for it to be used in Basic4Android (an IDE which all my apps are developed on). So far I am having some issues, as I am no Java coder. Hope I can get those sorted out soon.


    2. Hey Bill,

      That's great to hear! If you need any support or help with anything, feel free to contact me at mb@tapit.com.


  6. nice review bill.
    i really want this kind of clear cut review about leadbolt.
    and thanks for sharing your review about it.


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