App Wall - Implementation Strategy

There are a few App Wall implementation available for us, the Android developers. How is your's performing? How have you implemented the app wall? Which app wall are you using?

After a while using the walls (AppBrain's and Leadbolt's mainly), I might just have the answers to the above, the best wall to use and the best implementation strategy to monetise your Android apps well.

All in all you're just another brick in the wall!

Have you heard that song from Pink Floyd? It is SERIOUSLY AWESOME! You should check it out. It does highlight my age now doesn't it? Actually I was born after the era. So I am young enough. I just love the classic rock genre!

On to the post-Y2K era, and we have a new type of wall. A wall that is not filled with bricks, but with apps and ads! A wall that makes us money!

I hope you have considered implementing one type of wall or another in your apps. It does generate quite some revenue. The strategy is probably more suitable for games or less serious apps (like weather or rss reader apps), and from my observations, will look quite out of place for more serious apps like business apps.

Red Brick or White Brick?

There are a few choices out there. Many options for walls are available that does not require an SDK integration. Unfortunately, from my experiences (as shared here too), only AppBrain's wall is truly performing. Now you might have a different outcome, and if you do, please share your results. Different apps and different implementation strategy yields different output. So what I say here in this blog is my own observations, and you should use it only as a guide. Experiment with your apps.

AppBrain's walls are so successful for one major reason, they have really good games and apps on there. Maybe it is because AppBrain has been long enough in the business that more developers are used to them as an alternative to the Android Play / Market?

I guess it is important that the apps shown are relevant to what users will want. The walls of, for example Leadbolt, show apps which honestly are less attractive. It might be attractive for others, and lets understand that I cannot be saying what others like or not, just that the results from my app wall implementation shows it.

A Strategy Game

Have you played the Command & Conquer games? I especially loved the Red Alert version. That marching sound of the Soviets before that hard guitar kicks in really sent shivers down my spine.

App wall inplementation strategy is important, just as it was for your C&C games. I have tried implementation in 2 ways. I have been wondering all this while why one of my apps which has about 50% less daily downloads, has close to as much revenue from another games which gets about double the download count.

So I booted up the apps, and here are the screenshots of my Softball Game (the one with lesser download), and my in-famous (read why hereTennis Game:

Softball game with "More Games" button

Tennis Game with pop-up action button

Notice how the app wall access is presented? The "More Games" button on the softball game actually works better than the normal pop-up when you try to quit the game.

The are a few more options of how you'd go about showing the walls. Some people use a tab format, adding a new tab which will load the wall. Another strategy is showing another screen instead of dialog when user quits. A full activity showing images of various apps and a button asking if users would like to download more apps would be better than just a plain dialog.

Off to conquer the world..

So, I am guessing you now know what I am gonna be busy doing eh? I'd be going with the "More" button strategy. Lets see the revenue gain!

Much success to your walls... don't just sit there watching the paint dry! Get them walls in!



  1. Hi Bill,

    I used AppBrain App Wall in one small app and I placed it in menu "More free apps". It worked really well, better than another ad banner. I think AppBrain is right when they only accept high quality apps to be showed in their wall.
    I think I need to add a button to open App Wall into main activity. Hope it will bring me more money.

    1. Hi susu,

      It might work better. Give it a try, and thanks for the feedback :D

      And you're quite right, AppBrain has pretty good selection of apps on their walls...

      "All in all you're just another app on the wall!" <-- Blue Floyd!


  2. Love your page Bill. Everyday waiting for your comments ;-) Keep the good work.
    By the way, what do you think of AdMob House Ads?

  3. Hi nad,

    Thank you for the kind words. Mucho Appreciato! I try my best to share what I can, and hopefully on a daily basis on every weekday :D

    AdMob house ads are ok I guess. There is one interesting "experience" that another fella developer shared ( Eric from: ).

    He mentioned that he could actually pay for showing his ad at a much lower price than actually using house ads (which would mean in lost revenue as inventory is used for house ads).

    Think about that. Advertise on admob with say $0.01 per ad click, or make money from your own ads at maybe $0.03 per click for example?

    I preferred the older version of house ads where you could use it for unfilled inventory, but the new one seems not as satisfactory. For that reason I often use Mobfox for house ad as they allow unfilled inventory.

    Hope that helps.


  4. I have not tried Mobfox yet. But do you need to have some apps with Mobfox ads working to get house ads? If yes, is mobfox revenue interesting?

  5. Hi nad,

    Yes, you need apps with mobfox implemented in. Unfortunately the revenue isn't that good for banner ads. My personal picks are first Admob and next Millenial Media (though I think there is something wrong with the wrapper library for B4A).

    Others might have different experiences with Mobfox though.

    One idea for you if you want to show house ads is, if Admob fails to return an ad, show a new panel with your own ad on it. That is one idea.



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