A Brand New Week, and The Leadbolt Yoyo!

It is a brand new week. A fresh start again, feeling all energized and pumped up to make the most of it, and hope you are too!

Hows that for a motivational start? So, here is a look back at the previous week, looking at the coming week, and Leadbolt's Yoyo (you've gotta read this part if you're using Leadbolt).

Reflections and looking forward

The previous week was pretty whipped up! The Whip It! app is losing momentum, they have disappeared from the trending apps list (ok, maybe one or two are still there), my download counts have slowly trickled down, things are settling down. In fact I had quite a number of hits to this blog of people searching for the whip app due to it's appearence on the Big Bang Theory show. Cool huh?

You know what? That app was done in such a short time, it gained me some good revenue over the past few days, and it will continue giving me revenue for some time to come. So, have you made a simple app and released it? Prank apps do have a good long life to it, give it a go! One of my above average daily revenue earner is my AirHorn app, I am sure you can come up with such an app in no time. So go on, make a fart / prank app this week!

As for the coming week, I really need to get myself doing the Easter apps that I have so long been wanting to do. Hope this week will see the release of them. I've got the core mechanics up for 2 of them, just gotta work on the graphics! With Easter being very very close by, it will be a loss if I do not get into it.

What are your plans? Anyone made St Patrick's day apps?

I am also keen to see if I can keep up the momentum with this blog. Will I be able to get a post out on a daily basis? Well, it is great that some of you are enjoying the entries, and that's motivation enough to continue pumping out useful info after useful info that would hopefully be useful for you!

Speaking of useful info...

Leadbolt's Revenue Drop - Understanding the yoyo

Last week, slowly but gradually Leadbolt's revenue for me kept dropping, slower than a bird's dropping, perched on an electric cable, targetting the poor souls walking on down below (awesome game idea there! Steal it!)

Back when I started using Leadbolt, in October 2011, this thing happened. In my first month of using Leadbolt, I had hit more than $90 in one particular day. Of course I was flying high. Heard of this one? :

Ozzy Osbourne is freaking awesome!

So, it was a shocker when my revenue fell down to about $20 a few days later. This happened again in November. Checking with my AM, I found out a little of how this works out.

Leadbolt has some major advertisers ( I do wish the number of MAJOR advertisers will rise ). Sometimes, for many reasons, these advertisers' campaigns are paused. The reasons could include running out of ad allocation, restructuring of their ad strategy, and even once, an advertiser who had gone against Leadbolt's T&C. (Revenue was unfortunately deducted from develoeprs too, but this is fine as the reason and explanation was given by Leadbolt. RESPECT!)

This usually lasts for a few days, and things slowly will pick up again. And, the same cycle happened last Friday when I lost more than 50% of my usual daily revenue from Leadbolt. On Saturday though it went back to normal, and for Sunday's revenue it is superbly awesome on the higher end of the scale for me.

The explanation from my AM was that some of their major advertisers campaigns were on pause again while some stuff was sorted out. And it seems it was a network-wide issue.

I guess you've gotta get ready for days like these. It doesn't happen very often, after the October/November slowdowns for me, it never happened till last Friday. Be patient, it will be back fine.

Hope your revenues from Leadbolt is back up. Hope you're all doing great!



  1. Thanks for all your posts, they are helping me with the development of a couple of ideas I have for the Market.

    I allready have two applications developed: Love Ideas and Lector Eye.

    I am using LeadBolt "Notifications" and "Ap Add" advertise and also Mobfox/Admob.

    I'm really enjoying the development for Android and your posts and tips are the motivation to keep growing.

  2. Hi Eugenio,

    You're welcome, glad that the posts were useful :D

    And your apps look so awesome! And a really nice growth chart for Love Ideas too!

    Wish you more success!


  3. Thanks for the compliments and tips.

    Hope we keep growing on the market and supporting each other. :)


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