MIA.. My Earnings Report!

For all you avid readers of this fantastic blog, I guess you must be wondering where my Android app earning reports are? Well, I have something else in mind.

Teach a (wo)man to fish...

Now really, google for Android Earnings or something, and you will have a number of developers out there who share their monthly earnings. These guys give out very detailed reports (or at least detailed enough), and it is quite helpful in motivating. Kudos to them. In fact, my very first motivators were these folks who did indeed share their revenues.

It made me have a target to reach. An aim to achieve. It also confused me somehow, how can someone earn so much more than the others. And then there were the questions, like "Is this fella for real??" or "WTF?" .

Over time, and with more experience and exposure, I believe I better understood these performance reports. As to why one developer can make so much from Android apps, while another who has a very awesome app just can't cut it.

...And you feed her/him for life!

Which brings me to my point. I don't share my revenue details here, as I believe the real value you will have is from actually getting some useful info from this blog. A revenue earning could make and even break a new developer's motivation!

Just for your info, I ended October 2011 with about $2k (after being in the market for 5/6 months). This is no secret and I have shared my revenue history (plus a tonne of tips!) here.

It has continued growing, month over month. February 2012 has seen my highest month so far, and I have many plans for March which will see me achieve an even higher month. Again, that is not the point.

What I do hope you will get out of my blogs is how I did it, and how you can do it too. I am NOT a developer who is making a hell of a lot of money, I do wish I was making $500 - $1k a day. That would be awesome, and I plan to hit that sooner or later. It is still out of my target though. Waaaaay out of my target right now!

I am a new developer, less than 1 year in the market, and already I make earnings purely from free apps that is more than my day job's. I never thought I'd reach this level, but yet, here I am. And I wish the same for all you developers!

So, stick around, check out the older posts on what I have implemented. Ask me for my opinion, and I will share what I can. I can't guarantee my answers will be helpful, as I too have had failed apps and games too! But we learn, and we try to improvise, and make the most out of it!

Till the next post!

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  1. Woah! I envy you so much :D
    I'll try harder to be your competitor :)

    1. :D Bring it on susu!



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