Unity3D - At no cost for a while!

This is a quick one (hey it is Sunday!). Thanks to Eric from porknbunny.com, I was made known about the "FREE for a while" thingy that is on at Unity3D.

Unity3D is an AWESOME tool for 3D games creation, with a model of the write-once-deploy-anywhere type. You can make superb 3D games with it, and make it into a stand alone Window's game, a web browser game, an iOS game, an Android game, and many other output options.

Unity3D has been free for a while now for small Indie developers, but the iOS and Android add-on would knock you back $400 EACH. For now though, the add-ons are FREE! An amazing saving of $800!

Well, I might be wrong, and I might have missed a T&C somewhere about the free, but what the heck. Go get it!

Please be warned that games made with Unity3D will require at least an ArmV7 processor to run. If you don't have such a device, I'd suggest you still go get the free version for now. Who knows when you'd upgrade eh?



  1. thanks for the plug. still blown away by this deal.

  2. Dude, seriously awesome find... not sure if anything can top this in 2012!

  3. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for the news but how can we use it with B4A?

  4. Hi Bill,

    I tried a few years ago with the Android add-on with Unity3D (for free) and in the end I didn't like the way of developing back then.
    (looked so easy, but it's not and other things)
    So I decided to quit and looked for something
    else. And guess what I came across...

  5. Hi susu,

    This is a stand alone IDE for creating really cool 3D games, nothing to do with B4A. Give it a try if you're into 3D stuff.

    Hi Asmoro,

    Yes, 3D is really not easy. And I guess I get no points in guessing what you came across, LOL!

    The thing is, Unity3D should not be compared against B4A, they are 2 different species really.

    Cheers! And a wonderful week ahead!


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