The Whip Trend, 20K Devs and the Ring.

Woot! My biggest download for yesterday came in the form of an app developed in less than 1 hour! Awesome! It is surprising how some simple stuff can take off. Similar results were unexpectedly brought on when i did the Todo app too (also developed and released in less than 1 hour!)

Whip It! was downloaded about 550 times yesterday. It has moved up quite a number of places for search term "whip". Doing real awesome! Why did it do what it did?

The trend is your friend

Well, have you seen the trending charts recently? 1 damned show and everyone is after the app! The Big Bang Theory's episode of the whip app really has made a craze out there. People are downloading apps like this left, right and center. The downloads have been awesome.

Here is the chart from AppBrain (the last dip you see is the current day, and it is already more than 100 downloads):

Here is a new strategy you can take in your app release strategy. Go through the trending apps section in the play store. See which app types are repeating the most or many times, and create something like that if it wont take too much time to develop.

Why not too much time to develop? Because you wanna ride the wave my friend! The trend, they say, is your friend. Till the end! Where it bends! So you don't wanna be in, when the trend ends.. geddit? Coz it bends? Then it says "No friends!".

20k Strong

Basic4Android now have more than twenty thousand developers! Congrats to B4A on such an astounding growth and a warm welcome to fellow developers. I am afraid I will be missing the warm cozy feel that the forums had now that it is growing tremendously, but overall, this is a very welcomed progress. Hopefully we will have more input from the community (it looks like more than 19k developers are forum shy).

Speaking of the forum, have you been to the chat events that happen every now and then? I think it will be very beneficial to join it someday, as you get to pick the brains of some of the more.. err... brainier people of B4A there. (Does Erel show up for the chats?)

The Ring

This was coming. I saw it back when I reviewed SellARing. A copycat is surfacing, and of all companies, it is Google!

Dear SellARing, if you are reading this, I hope you will make necessary improvement to your system. Google is gonna be one pain in the place where the sun never shines (no, not south pole, although some people do refer it as south... hmm.. ).

You see, I have always praised SellARing, I still believe that it is an awesome technology, and an awesome approach to advertising. But it is at it's infancy right now, and I will just wait till it grows matured enough (especially from the user's perspective). Now, if you were to look at Google's probable system, as well as to the ring back tone ads that are being implemented by the likes of Turkcell or TonlaKazan, their model works. It rewards the users with free air-time credits.

If SellARing can work something similar out, I believe the outcome will be a very positive one. It might reduce the revenue gained for developers, but it wont make users unhappy. Who doesn't want free credits eh?

**Sourced from here.

March on...

So, how has March been treating you? I'm having slower days the past few days from Leadbolt, think they are running out of inventory. It is a usual and expected trend in the CPA world, or in any ad type world. Just don't let it stop you!



  1. Are you using Basic4Android for developing your apps ?

  2. Hi Moribito,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, ALL my apps are developed with Basic4Android.


  3. Hi Bill,

    Seems i am getting low on inventory too with LeadBolt. I have 8-10 apps with them and a couple of those with 2k downloads a day (worldwide, not a specific country) and i am getting less than 50 notification ads served. Not looking good lately.


  4. Hi nad,

    Yeah, I had major drop on Friday's revenue especially. Down by more than 50%! I checked with my AM, and a couple of their major advertisers campaigns were on pause for some reasons.

    This happens every now and then with Leadbolt. It happened a couple of times back in October / November 2011. Rest assured, it will get back to butt kicking levels soon.

    In fact for Saturday, mine was back to normal, and Sunday's is looking to head back to the higher-end of "normal".

    Hope yours have recovered too!



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