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Hi all. After an anger filled week with rubbish from Airpush being highlighted, lets move on to better news.

Have you read my earlier posting on the Battle of the Walls? Back then I recommended AppBrain as the best option for ad revenue from walls. Today, let me give you further updates in this.

Brainy Choice

I released an update of the B4A wrapper library on the forums after nad requested for option to always show interstitials. I never tried implementing AppBrain's interstitial previously. And that request from nad made me try out the interstitial implementation.

Honestly, I am now moving ALL my implementation strategy to use only the interstitials. Depending on the app type and lifespan, I am either implementing the "maybe" version of the offerwall (which only shows the interstitial every 3 or 4 days), or I am implementing the "always" version of the offerwall which always shows the interstitial.


Well, for one thing, I started implementing interstitials only somewhere from 5th or 6th of April, and already my revenue from AppBrain for April is almost the same as what I made for the whole of March from AppBrain. That is a great improvement I'd say! And the better thing is, the app wall is close to beating my revenue from Airpush!

The interstitials by AppBrain has some distinct advantages.

One, it actually shows the message in the user's device language. This is a very good plus point. My previous message box was fixed in English. I know some languages are not supported yet, and if AppBrain is reading this, do consider more translation :)

Secondly, the colour combination and the full screen aspect make people more curious to check out the apps. I find their interstitial pretty attractive to click "yes" and check out the wall.

Thirdly, and this has been proven over and over, their wall's offerings hasn't been bettered by any other ad companies yet. They give really good apps on the walls, and the variety is tremendous. The apps are also shown to more countries, unlike some other wall offerings, which has targetted only a few countries.

Dude, where are your stats?

I am not able to show any eCPM or other stats stuff for AppBrain, as it is not shown in their developer console.

What I would say is that, honestly, I've long been not a fan of eCPMs. They are there just to "trick" us into thinking highly of an ad network. How often have you seen ad companies saying they have the highest eCPM out there? What really matters in the end for us developers is if we make money from the Ads. Airpush's $6 - $15 anyone?

Leadbolt's notification ads, AppBrain's wall, AppLovin's banner, Admob's banner. These all make serious money for you.

Get rich!

This new app market is available to all of us, best to go out there and make the most out of it. Make the best money you can! Implement ads that matter to your bank account!


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  1. Do they show CTR at least?

    Thank you for these reports. :)

  2. Hi Bojan,

    You're welcome.

    They do show how many clicks you get, and how many installs resulted.

    It is by per-app basis though. You will have to check out the report one app at a time.


  3. Can you write some numbers (ctr)? They not need to be exact, from the eye some average CTR.

    Can you write some blog post about timing, I mean when is the best time to release a game? Is it a middle of week, is it weekends, end of month, beginning of the month etc.

  4. Hi Bojan,

    I will try to compile some stats on this soon.

    And good idea there, nice topic to blog about, will get to it very soon too!


  5. Hi Bojan,

    Here are some random stats from some apps based on yesterday's earnings (was a slow day yesterday for AppBrain):

    App 1 : 36 clicks, 10 installs, $2.72 revenue
    App 2 : 69 clicks, 12 installs, $1.55 revenue
    App 3 : 45 clicks, 8 installs, $1.35 revenue

    Here is some stats from some better days:
    App 1 : 44 clicks, 24 installs, $6.78
    App 2 : 91 clicks, 21 installs, $4.88

    The install revenue is not fixed of course, it is based on which app is installed.

    Hope the above will give a clearer picture of the revenue potential.


  6. Yes, this is certainly better than banners, but lacks statistics on impressions, conversion rate is a huge minimum is around 20% and maximum is over 50%. But there is no info how many peoples (percents) click on app wall and its a problem in my opinion.
    Do you showing all the time app wall like banner or how you use it?

    Sorry for these questions I dont have android phone yet, still using emulator. :(

  7. Hi Bojan,

    Don't have to apologies. I am using both combinations.

    For example, for my music app. Users can click a song, and when it starts playing, they can click the back button to minimise the app, and it will continue playing in the background. For apps like these, I use the "maybe" option, which shows only every 3 or 4 days.

    Same goes to my to-do app. People will be accessing these kind of apps often, and clicking the back button often too. Won't be a good idea to always show the interstitial.

    For my games on the other hand, it is quite ok to show a prompt if users want to view the wall.

    So, depending on your app, see which best suits you.


  8. Bill have you forgotten about us? :D

  9. :D No Bojan, I have not forgotten about all of you :D

    Was not feeling too good over the past weekend, and yesterday had a major writer's block!

    Stay tuned!



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