AppLovin Review - The journey so far..

Hi all. No motivation Wednesday episode yesterday, thought I'd give you a break :D

Anyway, as promised (and delayed, as usual with most IT related work), here is the review of the 10 days of April with AppLovin's social mobile advertisements.

The Stats

I've gotten the green light from Rafael to share the stats including the eCPM. Lets have a look at the table (click for a larger view):

It is not bad really. It does seem to perform better in eCPM than my ads from Admob. But in terms of revenue, there is still much to be desired. Moving my apps to AppLovin did of course reduce my Admob revenues.

The Concern

Granted they are new, and I am sure still working out lots of stuff. But just implementing AppLovin alone is not going to get you the best revenue. I like to highlight the concern of one of the regular readers of this blog, susu, when I first posted about AppLovin (and the SDK for Basic4Android).

The ads we see are quite limited. I am seeing maybe 4 different apps advertised, with variations of course. The problem is, when a user is not interested in the apps advertised, or they have already installed the apps advertised. You will be losing out on repeat users in this case. They will most likely not click the ads any more after probably once.

An Idea

The ads in themselves are very attractive, which is proven by the CTR you see above. That is a very solid CTR for banner ads. Showing your contact's names and pictures is a real good way to attract people to the ads.

What I would suggest though, is that the ads be shown interchangeably with another ad network of your choice. An ad network that uses CPC method. For my games, I have a menu screen and an in game screen. Users usually spend more time in the game itself. I'll be changing my in-game ads back to other networks, and the menu ones will remain with AppLovin. This hopefully will maximise my returns to the max.

Another approach could be to run AppLovin ads the first time your app is ran. Second time you show the CPC ads of other network. Then maybe after ever 3 to 5 runs, show AppLovin again. I'm thinking it will give a better result as you get the best of both worlds, the CPA ads and the CPC ads.


How's your AppLovin ad implementation performing? Give it a go, and try showing the social ads.

What I like:
1 - The ads are really attractive
2 - Gives a high CTR
3 - Gives a high eCPM
4 - 100% fill rate!
5 - very responsive contacts, this is a very important aspect for me *****
6 - easy implementation

What I haven't liked:
1 - The ads are pretty limited in variations
2 - Need some CPC ads, if they have this I wont have to look at implementing other ads in
3 - Missing house ads option, but well, the fill rate of 100% makes up for this, just that if we wanna promote our own apps, a house ads option would be awesome

Overall, I am keeping my faith with this one.



  1. Hi Bill,

    Is this stats from 1 app??? Woah, revenue from your 1 app > my 5 apps (so envy) :D

    I agree with you, AppLovin should have CPC ads and house ads option (and more FAQ, documents... too).

  2. Thanks Bill.

    I was waiting for these post to place AppLoving ads on my apps, and thanks for these post I will give it a try.

    I will share my impressions with you.


  3. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing the results. They are very impressive. However could you let us know what permissions are needed for their SDK?


  4. Prepare yourself for a lot hate and 1* reviews if you add this type of adds.

    1. "android.permission.READ_CONTACTS"
    2. "android.permission.READ_SMS"

    Other permissions maybe can go through but these two... Good luck with users.

  5. Hi susu,

    LOL! Not from 1 app. I gradually added more apps as the days went by. As shown by the increased impression count on later days.

    Hi Eugenio,

    Looking forward to your feedback. Care to share what ad you're using now and whats your eCPM range?

    Hi Ben,

    You can get the details from here:

    Do note some permissions are optional.

    Hi Bojan,

    In about 15 days of using AppLovin, I have not had a single comment given due to the permissions.

    I did not add the Read_SMS permission in, only the Read_Contacts one.

    In my app's description, I added that the permission is in to show social advertising. Then I add "get to know what your friend's are playing!" . Maybe, just maybe, that is working out right?

    Cheers all!

  6. Hi Bill,

    That("get to know what your friend's are playing!" ) sounds good.

    Could you tell us if they support payment via Paypal or Wire Transfer?

    And how much is their monthly minimum payout threshold?


  7. Hi Ben,

    They support paypal for sure. Wire i am not too sure.

    Minimum payout $20, pretty good for those starting off especially...


  8. Hi Bill.

    These are the ads servers I'm using now and their Ecpm:


    ecpm goes from 2-6 dollars with is very good.

    Mobfox and Admob:

    ecpm 0.10, this is very low only few Cents a day.

    I'm going to try out a new ad server that claims to be better than AppLovin and has backfill with Mobfox and Admob and several ad servers.

    I will also use AppLovin but just in a couple of screens.

    Let's hope this combination makes good revenue.

    Nice day to all of you!

  9. Hi Eugenio,

    $0.10 ecpm? Ouch, that sucks!

    Yes, give that combination idea a go. And do hope you'd share with us how that goes over time :)

    Thank you very much for the feedback!


  10. Yeah, I will share my review at the end of this week.

    Hope it goes fine to all of us :)


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