The effects on top of the charts

I was wondering why my Christian music app has been having wonderful download counts recently, beating my all time high download Classical Music app even. It has been for the past few days the top downloaded app (making over 900 downloads yesterday alone).

Maybe, just maybe Easter is around, and more people are feeling a little holier-than-thou? Maybe it is the end of the world coming up? 2012? Anyone got any updates on that?

Well, actually the app is sitting at a comfy 17th spot on the Top New Free Music & Audio apps chart in Google Play. Here is the screenie (it might be differently placed for different countries):

And the downloads chart (from AppBrain):

So there, thats the feeling of being somewhere near the top. Better enjoy it while it lasts!



  1. Hi Bill,

    Congratulations! I got a sweet memory with Top Free Apps chart too. My app got more than 2.000 downloads/day when it's in Top 5 and nearly 5.000 downloads when it hit #1. It's a big difference when you app appears in first page. So let's create another great apps!

  2. Wow susu!

    5k downloads a day!??? Thats so cool!!... hope to reach that soon!



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