Motivational Wednesday - Taking Chances

We all have our problems. For some it is financial, for others it could be health, time, an annoying neighbour. You see, when you don't take an action to rectify these problems, when you don't make yourself bigger than them, they will crush you!

Take a chance, make that move. 

You see, in order for something to happen, you MUST take action. Without action, it is not gonna happen! If you're thinking of making money with your android apps, then take action. Make an app, place advertising in it, or set a price for selling it. Publish the app. You could very well be the next big thing!

The worst that can happen..

Go try something out. What is the worst that can happen? In my line as an app developer, I often take the risk and chance implementing one library or another. Sometimes it breaks the app, sometimes the permissions for your apps gets you on the London's Sunday Times (come on, how many people can say they were a piece of news eh?).

I am still here, my apps and revenues have not been shattered in any way. If anything, my revenues are building up to a much stronger growth!

The what ifs..

What if I fail? What if it back fires? remove the negative mindset, look at the positive! That chance that you took? It could work out, it could turn into a crazy thing! Who knows what might come out of it? Always always always look at the positive.

So go on, get your dreams in motion, take the chance, make the difference, overcome your problems. And you will see success at the end of the tunnel!


PS - SellARing is much better now with more flexibility for the devs!


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