A slow April - Is mobile advertising dieing?

Hi, and welcome to a brand new post.

How is your April doing? For me, and many other developers, April has been a slow month. My revenues have gone down a bit. Not so bad though, I'll get to that later.

The cycle of life

The mobile advertising world goes through a cycle every year. Now, remember, when you are riding this boat (a rollercoaster to some), you have got to treat it as any business.

A coconut drinks stall on the beach isn't gonna get good business during rainy days. Likewise, we will have slow months in our pursuit of the advertising moolah!

So, April (and May too it seems) are the slow months. I've read (and experienced) September is another slow period.

The going gets tough

Will you get through these months? Ok, here is the killer point. If you do get through, you're really making it. Honestly, this is where people will go "Nah, this wont work! Mobile advertising is pure rubbish! Bill is taking us for a ride in his blog!".

The option is yours, I will be still be around. I am making plans to further this. Mobile ad spending by advertisers is growing tremendously, you just need to get a small bite of that, and you'll be pretty well off.

My April

I am having slow downs on all ad networks that I use. Well, almost all. AppBrain's interstitial implementation has almost doubled the revenue from AppBrain that I got this month. Really, their walls work.

Now, although I have some slow down across all networks, AppBrain's wall implementation has really "saved" me up to a certain level. It has made the impact not too bad.

Wise words

Which brings me to an advice. Spread your ad income! Don't rely on a single ad network. Things can go bad anytime (like it is doing with Airpush for so many of us). Make money from a variety of ad sources. Have you played Draw Something? Have you noticed the ad networks? They have banner ads and they have interstitial ads. I believe their banner ads are from more than 1 network. And their interstitials are from Greystrips.

Also, spread your apps. Make apps of various categories. Sometime some stuff come into season while others go out of season.

Till next post!



  1. We're doing OK, About 20% from our peak but considering we are serving more ads than ever I guess it's easy to see there is a bit of a slow down. Today was our worst day.. about 33% down from peak...

  2. Hi Eric,

    PigSnowballer??? LOL! I am just wondering what you got going with pigs and pork! :D

    Up and down, that happens. And since you're only using banners right now (or am I wrong?), not planning to implement other ad types?

    AppBrain's ad type is quite non-intrusive, just the way you like em.


  3. Hi Bill and everybody,
    To me this month is still right. I can't ask more money when I just released 1 new app and my old apps go away from top chart. I always think making apps and earn money from it is a additional business beside my main work.
    This month, AppBrain and Applovin got very good performance, I'll stick with them for long time.
    Hope you guys will go over April and keep making good apps.

  4. Hi susu,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Glad to know AppBrain and AppLovin are performing great for you too :)


  5. Yeah pig pig pig.... :) Yeah considering interstitial ads. Certainly liking the sound of AppBrain although that's for android right? ATM our main money maker is on iOS, so need something that works for that...

  6. Hi everyone.

    This month for me is doing good, no diference between others. But I just released a new App that promises to behave really good with my ad networks.

    I also promissed that I'll show my revenue from appLovin for last week and here it is.

    Impressions eCPM Revenue
    812 4.88 $3.96
    2,216 3.13 $6.93
    1,910 0.23 $0.45

    I have to tell you that the aplication that has 812 impressions only have 1 day on the market but has more screens using applovin rather than the others aplications that have 1 week and only one screen with this network.

    Leadbolt is working perfect for me no changes from last months.

    I have a couple of questions that might be silly (but we're all here to learn).

    1- How do you know when your aplication is on a chart? Do you recieve an email? Do you keep looking all day at the chart? wich chart do you look at? (a little bit confused here)

    2- How do I request a payment from Applovin? (I don't see any option on the web page).

    Thanks for all, and hope we keep making more usefull apps.

  7. Hello Bill,

    Appreciate the feedback! We are currently building out our self-serve payment system, where we will support several different payment methods. For the time being though, feel free to e-mail me directly at rafael@applovin.com. Our payment terms are Monthly - Net15 and $20 minimum payout.


    Rafael Vivas

  8. Hi PigSnowballer,

    Yes, AppBrain is for Android. Good luck with your implementation!

    Hi Eugenio,

    Appreciate the feedback. Nice eCPM you getting there. They say, there are no silly questions:

    1 - You look at the charts all day! LOL! Well, I usually will start looking around when I see a sudden increase in my downloads. If my app is new, then it is most likely in the "New Free App" section. Otherwise look at the "Trending" listing page by page :D Do remember, the charts are different based on country.

    2 - Refer to Rafael's answer. Just drop him an email, he'll set you up.

    Hi Rafael,

    Thanks for the update!


  9. Hi all,

    I used AppAnnie.com to monitor my apps. You'll get your app's rank and another useful informations, just check it out.

  10. Thanks susu,

    There is also Distimo (http://monitor.distimo.com/) which gives really good stats and details (and informs you when your app hits tending charts).

    It also has reports for revenues and such.


  11. Thanks for your quick answers!

    I'm using monitor.distimo and it's really nice.


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