New Dimensions and Frontiers

Hey folks. How's it going?

I have been using Basic4Android for a while now for my developments. I was one of the "pioneers" of users who bought the product even before it was released. Honestly, it was one of the best purchases of my life. It had worked out better than expected. I released a number of B4A libraries for monetisation, and I believe many have benefited from them.

But, now it is time to move on.

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I was hoping for a game engine to be developed for B4A, and looks like there is no sign of it anywhere, except some development by some kind soul developers on the forums. I was really hoping for some sort of official game engine from Anywhere Software. And since that's not coming anytime soon (as according to Erel), I will be (in fact already am) looking elsewhere.

Another Basic Beast

I stumbled across AppGameKit recently. I checked it out, and thought that it would be my next development tool. Now it had what I was looking for, and I probably will be using it over time if the other option (coming to that in a moment) did not present itself. What really kills it for me is that we still need to boot up Eclipse to compile and create the apk files. It is great that the coding is done in the Basic language, and that it is write once and deploy to many. But booting up Eclipse and doing all the horrible stuff to get an apk? Thats whats killing it to me. Hence the reason I picked "Basic" in the first place, to avoid exposure to Java.

Enter the new Dimension

This I gotta give a loud THANK YOU to Eric ( from ). Unity3D! I had toyed with Unity3D back when it was version 2 point something. And then I forgot about it. Thanks to Eric (who is living a wonderful indie life by the way!) for informing me about the great offer Unity3D had recently. And now I am hooked. I am up late these days, sleeping at 2 or 3 am playing and learning it. This is gonna be my focus for the coming months till I get some games out. It still lacks much from the monetisation aspect, but we'll get to that when we get there.

This is a friendly request to ad networks, I do hope that some plugins would be made that makes it easy to integrate ads into Unity. Yes I know of 3rd party plugins, and will be getting those for my Unity3D usage, but it still would be great for ad networks to provide it themselves with official support.

Unity3D also allows me to deploy to many environments with a single development, further making it an awesome tool to work with. And the cost of FREE that I (and hopefully many of you) got , this is a no brainer. Yet, be careful, as the extra dimension might not be for everyone. I have unpolished skills in 3D, so am learning that as I go along too.

As to the relevance to this blog, I will share any monetisation strategy (especially from ads) that I pick up with Unity3D here too. Hope it will be a good experience and that my sharing of it here will benefit others too.

Lesser focus on B4A

And with that focus shift, B4A libraries will see a very slow release from my side. I will most likely still release and app or game every now and then written in B4A. It is after all my favourite IDE for Android rapid development (3D development, you can't call it rapid in anyway I tell you!). So, hope whats available for users of B4A so far will suffice till further notice.

Anyone else starting the journey into the new dimension? Hoping to share more experiences with folks around!



  1. Hi Bill,

    I got Unity3D for free when they offered. But I nerver install it on my computer :D To me, 3D is something in high level that I can't reach (poor me).
    I'm glad to know you're exploring new area (yes, you're really a pioneer). I hope you will share your knowledge as you always did.

    Good luck my friend :D

  2. For 3D/2D android games in basic, have you considered glbasic which compiles directly to the phone? It's awesome as it also compiles to the PC , so you can quickly test your game on the PC.

    Also, for something free,, which if you look in their android forums, someone has shown how to include admob ads. It's not basic, but still is incredibly easy.

    I've tried many languages and have used and liked these two languages.

  3. Hi susu,

    Thanks for the kind words. Well, just as an info, the free unity 3D android and ios licenses had to be registered before April 20th. If you did not do that, then the license wont be valid anymore :(

    I will surely share my experiences. Hold on for that.

    Hi sionco,

    Thanks for the info. I am not familiar with those 2 options. Looks interesting, in case anyone wants to check it out. :D

    And good luck with your weekly game release adventure!


  4. I ve learned and used Unity3d for gaming in university for 6 months. I can tell that Unity3D is not for one man job, graphics optimization for mobile, modelling, performance optimization and so on... there are many things to consider.

    I would suggest LibGDX 2D/3D engine for android based games, it is simple, learning curve is fast, mobile performance is outsandting, and many more benefits...

  5. Hi Moribito,

    Thanks for the friendly "warning".. I understand your points. LibGDX looks interesting too.

    Well, as always, my projects will be in very limited/small scope, not gonna head out and make an RPG or something (yet).

    Lets see how it turns out. Watch this space!


  6. Thanks for the shout out bill! Embarrassingly games dev really isn't on the horizon for me yet so I'm not going to be able to join you on your new journey.

    I am in good contact with Luke @ Ruma Studios who does all his work in unity. And he's a one man band with some outsourcing :)

    I could introduce you.

    Oh and fully agree, that Unity is so common, and integration so painful, that the ad networks really need to supply integration docs / libraries for unity.

  7. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the support call for ad networks :D

    When you get into games, do let us know !


  8. Inneractive ad netowrk has special "unity android" and "unity iphone" libraries for unity games on mobile.

    The integration is so easy.

  9. Hi Moribito,

    Thanks for pointing that out, very appreciated! I will have a look at it.

    Was about to explore what options I have, otherwise I'd buy a plugin from Prime31 if I could not get one from the ad networks.


  10. You should try Corona.

    See my app developed with it:



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