A year down the app path!

Hello people (and zombies, I know there are zombies too!)!

Well, April ended without too much of a slowdown as I thougt it was. I was down by about 5% compared to March. Not too bad, still much more than my day job!

So, the recent week has seen some important events happen for my apps business. Here is the breakdown.

Happy Anniversary

May 2nd was the 1st anniversary for my Google Market (or Play) account. Awesome! I have come a long way from that first $0.03 that I got in Admob (was jumping with joy at that!). And now, what I am making now, well, lets say it is way way more than what I had targetted for the 12 months. And I am really happy with that.

Also I hope with the monetisation libraries released, it has helped out more developers make some good kaching! The other great part of making the libraries and sharing the experience in this blog has been the friends I've made. From other fellow developers in B4A, to some who found me from twitter (and met a couple too!), to the advertising account managers. The experience has been really awesome!

And one of my apps hitting 100k download (and another coming soon to the category) is really the icing on the cake!

The gloom

There have been some gloom and doom moments too through the journey. I have had one app removed due to copyright infringment (at least I am noticed by Atari), been mentioned in the London's Sunday Times (I'm notorious, call me the don!), and recently, I removed some apps from the market which would mean a reduction in my overall earnings in May. The reason? Well, I need to make sure that I am not breaking any rules by using the music in my music apps. So there goes, the apps are all unpublished till I get the licensing part sorted out.

Happy libraries

On to more happy stuff, stay tuned for the release of 2 more monetisation libraries (for B4A developers) in my next posts (should be out within the same day as this blog entry, depending on your timezone). Hope it will be beneficial to you.

Other than that, have a wonderful May folks.


PS - Anonymous commenting is now removed from this blog as I started losing track of all the anon's here (they really should have signed off with a simple name, "abc" would have been fine too).


  1. Hello everyone.

    This May has started in an incredible way to me, I took advantage of the mother's day to create an application related to this special day to all of us.

    I've been on the charts and the downloads are increible.(feels great to be on the charts :p)

    This is the Mother's day aplication:

    Mom's Day

    I also created a similar app for this Father's Day:

    Dad's day

    Don't be afraid to download, share and impress your mother this Mother's day.

    Hey Bill. This is a question related to your games.

    1- Which engine did you used? (Andengine, Cocos2d?


    Eugenio Mancebo

  2. Hi Eugenio,

    Your apps look good (just curious why the need for sms read access?) 5 Star-ed and +1 to both from me.

    My games are pretty basic, and not using any engine. It is because Basic4Android does not have any compatible libraries for a physic or game engine yet.


  3. Hi Bill.

    Thanks for your support.

    These permissions are strongly recommended by Applovin.

    App Lovin

  4. Hi Eugenio,

    Yes, now I remembered, AppLovin's recommended permissions.

    Any complains/comments on that permission from users so far?

  5. Nope, They are not making any noise with these permissions. That's really good. users are accustomed to ads within applications now.


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